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2016 Award Winner Banner



1st Place: Peggy Burkosky - Cat's Eyes

2nd Place: Fariba Mahmoodian - Woodworker

3rd Place: William Liao - Catlyn

Honourable Mention: Wayne Bissky - Temple of Philea, Aswan Egypt

Honourable Mention: Larry Tillyer, AFCA - sketch for "The Quarterback"

Honourable Mention: Ann E. Rowley - The Man with the Dragon Tattoo



1st Place: Dyan Myhr - Fading into Sleep

2nd Place: Majle Lavergne - Re-Create 1

3rd Place: Homa Eftekhar - Searching But Not Finding

Honourable Mention: Jenn Ashton - Getting from Here to There

Honourable Mention: Gerda Volz, AFCA - I Want It All


2016 Annual International Representational Show

1st Place Grand Prize: Nelly Kazenbroot - The Other Side of Fifty III

Best Landscape / Urban Scene: Elizabeth Wiltzen, SFCA - Evening Shadows

Best Figurative / Portrait: Chen Guang Wang - False Simulacra

Best Still Life: Tanja Bone, SFCA - Heritage

Honourable Mention - Landscape: Maria Josenhans - Where The Hiellen Meets The Sea

Honourable Mention Figurative / Portrait: Parminder Singh Atwal - The Forgotten Master

Honourable Mention - Still LIfe:  Ann Willsie - Nasturtiums II


75th Anniversary Exhibition

1st Place: Elizabeth Wiltzen, SFCA - Waiting

2nd Place: Alan Wylie, SFCA - Through The Tangle

3rd Place: Janice Robertson, SFCA - Edge of the Meadow

Honourable Mentions:

Harold Allanson, SFCA - Never Too Young

Susan Cowan, SFCA - Red Energy

David J Goatley, SFCA - The Power and the Glory


Scenes from Western Canada 2016

1st Place: Karen Blanchet - Foundation

2nd Place: Graham Bibby - Deep Bay Reflection

3rd Place: Rosi Maria Di Meglio - Solitude

Honourable Mentions:

M. Gilmour - The Canadian Prairies

Rose-Marie Kossowan, AFCA - Mt Cheam Trailhead, South Face

Peter Stuhlmann, AFCA - Perry's Swamp


Painting on the Edge (P.O.T.E) 2016

1st Place: Jean Duguay - The Cube

2nd Place: Sally Clark, AFCA - Portrait of my Mother

3rd Place: Sandrine Pelissier, AFCA - Forest Dream

4th Place: Sheila Kernan - Best Thing in Town


Small, Smaller, Smallest 2016

1st Place: Patricia Morris - Prarie Drive SK

2nd Place: Ann Willsie - Imagine

3rd Place: Susannah Paranich - Remembering Walbran Valley

Honourable Mentions: 

Kathy Hale - Nova Scotia Dories

Myda Schmidt, AFCA - Dancing Wires at TCI


CanCon 2016

1st Place: Graham Bibby - Eva

2nd Place: Patricia Morris - Flute Concerto for R.M Schafer

3rd Place: Melanie Kuzminski - Natalia

Honourable Mentions: 

Veronic P. Davies - Daydreaming

Rose Tanner - Angry Bird

Liang Wang - Self Portrait


2016 International Mail in Show

1st Place: Marilyn Peeters - Home Roots I

2nd Place: Tracey Kucheravy - Shoal Lake Study 1

3rd Place: Fran Alexander, AFCA - Eggscentric

Honourable Mentions: 

Yoko Asari - through the Brick Window

Cindy Eeson - Memories of the Cottage Porch
Fani Pantazidou - Safety


2016 Icon

1st Place: Mary Jean Butler - Bon Ton II

2nd Place: Leif Kristian-Freid - The Spanish Bull

3rd Place: George J. Mosna - "Old Town"

Honourable Mentions: 

Sally Clark, AFCA - Goddess of Justice

Bob Araki, AFCA - Saint Paul Church North Vancouver


2016 From Life

1st Place: William Liao - Nate

2nd Place: Amy J. Dyck - The Rising

3rd Place: Debbie Milner Lively - Reflections

Honourable Mentions: 

Jane Appleby - Ocean's Turmoil

Elizabeth J. Austin - Orange and Blue

Karen Blanchet - Fast and Furious


2016 Plein Air

1st Place: Larry Tillyer, AFCA - Gibson's Harbour

2nd Place: John Pryce - Stream at Ritchie Falls

3rd Place: Terry Nimmon - 707 Park #4

Honourable Mention: Yoko Asari - Old Apple Tree

Honourable Mention: Peggy Burkosky - Spring Rains - Deep Bay B.C


Honourable Mention:William Liao - After Raining


2016 Culture

1st Place: Lorry Hughes, AFCA - Naptime 

2nd Place: Pepe Hidalgo - Kidnapping and Seductoin of Europe

3rd Place: Jian Jun An - Come back home

Honourable Mention: Sally Clark, AFCA - Millennium Bridge: Dreamwalkers


2016 Canvas Unbound

1st Place: Anouk Jonker - Madame 

2nd Place: Ann Eynon - Old Lachine

3rd Place: Sylvia Ohrn - Magee Grocery
Honourable Mention: Stephen William Baylis - Number 1
Honourable Mention: Michael Knox - Salt & Pepper
Honourable Mention: John Pryce - Cove Dreamscape


2016 Foliage and Flowers 

1st Place: Linda Bell, AFCA - Magnolia 

2nd Place: Maria Voronova - Fern
3rd Place: Laurie Koss - Dahlia 1
Honourable Mention: Mahtab Firouzabadi - Spring is coming
Honourable Mention: Bert Liverance - Glow
Honourable Mention: Myda Schmidt, AFCA - Near and Far


2016 Abstract Exhibition 

1st Place: Rose-Marie Kossowan, AFCA - Unfolding

2nd Place: Cindy Mersky, AFCA - Abyssinia
3rd Place: Marianne Meyer - And Then You Came
Honourable Mention: Stephen William Baylis - Number 3
Honourable Mention: Catherine Fields - Snowy Path
Honourable Mention: Jan Louise Henry - Privelege of Color #30


2016 Landscapes Exhibition 

1st Place: Maria Galloway - Cariboo Summer

2nd Place: Stephen Dittberner - Dolphin's Image
3rd Place: Tom Shardlow, AFCA - Bamfield No.1
Honourable Mention: Mary-Jean Butler - Coastal Arbutus
Honourable Mention: Jennifer Harwood, AFCA - Last Light
Honourable Mention: Larry Tillyer, AFCA - A Chat at Gibson's Harbour


2016 Artists' Choice 

1st Place: Catherine Sheppard, AFCA - Symphony of Feathers
2nd Place: Kathy Traeger - Who Ya Gonna Call?
3rd Place: Carol Koebbeman - Father's Diary, Mother's Gloves
Honourable Mention: Peter Lau - Abstract Melody
Honourable Mention: Lori McGee - Benchmark
Honourable Mention: Tammy Taylor - The Tracker


2016 Works on Paper  

1st Place: James Koll - West Cirque in Winter Light

2nd Place: Lee Caufield - Blackbird
3rd Place: Adrienne Moore - Moulin Rouge
Honourable Mention: Wayne Bissky - Fraser Valley Cranberry Farm
Honourable Mention: Diane Bennett-Way - A Cow Looking Busy
Honourable Mention: Justin Maas - Shelby