Join a FCA Chapter

The FCA has eleven, volunteer-run Chapters across BC and AB. They are listed below. Chapters organize their own local shows, Chapter meetings, workshops and more. A Chapter Membership is perfect to meet and get the support of fellow artists in your community.



Chapters are formed by a collective of members of the National Federation of Canadian Artists. They are  regional entities and have autonomy in how they govern their business. FCA members belonging to Chapters follow the policies, bylaws and artistic standards of the Federation of Canadian Artists.  For more information on how Chapters operate or to form a new Chapter please read the Chapter Resource Manual.



FCA members may join as many Chapters as they wish or no Chapter at all. Every Chapter member, has to be a member in good standing of the national body of the FCA, located in Vancouver. This means besides paying their chapter dues, Chapter members are required to pay their yearly membership fees to the Vancouver head office. Please note: Those are two different payments with two different recipients. Chapter membership fees need to be paid directly to the respective Chapter, whereas the head office membership fees are payable to the Federation of Canadian Artists in Vancouver.


If you are interested in joining an existing Chapter please check the following list for the location nearest you. 


Arrowsmith Chapter

President Laura Hilts

1st Vice President Jacqueline Smith

2nd Vice President Susan Hiebert

Treasurer Barbra McDonald

Secretaries Donna McDonnell AFCA/ Jan Byers /

Membership Chair Judith Crichton

Show Committee Chairs Dawne Brandel/ Mary Unger /

Publicity Chair Peggy Burkowsky

Fun Committee Chair Linda Fraser 

Archives   Lynn Orriss

Member-at-Large Edna Konik               


Calgary Chapter

President  Robert McAllister  
Vice President  Sherry Telle  
Secretary  Ron Czemeres  
Membership Chair  Sheila Mitchell  
Show Committee Chair      
Workshops Chair      

Central Okanagan Chapter

President Diana Hilliard 250-712-3203
Vice President Cecile Derkatch 250-769-2951
Past President Rod McCauley 250-801-2696
Treasurer Karen Rempel
Secretary Angie Kirschner
Show Committee Chair Diana Palmer 250-491-0536
Membership Chair
Kit Bell
Events Chair
Barb Hanington 250-868-3525
Workshops Co-Chair
Shelley Bauer
Workshops Co-Chair Lynn Tribe
Social Director
Arlene Currie


Fraser Valley Chapter

President Suzette Fram 604-467-5467
Vice President Lea Sevcov  604-506-4255
Treasurer Connie McClinton Wicklund  778-856-1475
Secretary Wendy Mould 604-583-4538
Membership Chair Cindy Johnston   
Workshops Chair Marney-Rose Edge  
Website Michael King  
Communications Wendy Mould  604-583-4538


Nanaimo Chapter

President Bonnie Stebbings  
Vice President Claudia Lohmann  
Past President Harold Allanson    
Treasurer Delie Lawley  
Secretary Barbara Ann Scott 250-585-4800
Membership Chair Jeanne Aten
Show Committee Chair Vida Newington    
Workshops Chair Tom Shardlow / Harold Allanson    
Website Dawn Zintel 250-247-8210
Communications Dawn Zintel 250-247-8210

North Okanagan Chapter

President Cheryl Turner 

Past President Juve Furtado

Treasurer Lois Campbell

Secretary Joyce Upex

Membership Chair Ria Carpay

Exhibitions Kathy Munts  

Workshops Liz MacArthur 


PR & Promotion Doug Wasilieff


Peace River Chapter

President Charlie Parslow 250-784-3867
Vice President Judy Templeton 250-787-2153
Past President Sandy Troudt 250-785-3867
Treasurer Rosemary Landry 250-785-8429
Secretary and Membership Chair
Rosemary Landry 250-785-8429
Workshop Chair Mary Parslow 250-784-3882
Show Chair Charlie Parslow 250-784-3867
Art Avenue                         
Miep Burgerjon                                          250--784-3882                         


Tannis Trydal          780-518-7267        

South Okanagan Chapter 

President  Georgia Krebs  
Vice President  Debbie Tougas  
Treasurer  Linda Swales  
Secretary  Cindy Smith  
Membership Chair      
Show Committee Chair  Michael Jorden  
Workshops Chair  Marianne Meyer  
Website  Brad Hillis

Thompson/Nicola/Shuswap Chapter

President  Cathie Peters  
Vice President      
Treasurer  Cathie Peters  
Membership Chair  Jeanette Ardern  
Show Committee Chair      
Workshops Chair      
Website   Kit Bell  

Victoria Chapter


Carol Koebbeman
Past President: Chris Stusek
1st Vice-President:    
2nd Vice-President Mark Cramer
Treasurer: Mary Conley, AFCA
Secretary Rose Tanner
Exhibitions Chair: Agnes Cornell
Standards Chair Mark Cramer
Second Standards Chair Peter Dowgailenko
Publicity Sharlene Stushnov-Lee
Second Publicity Linda Darby
Workshops Marcela Strasdas
Membership Chair  Mary Conley, AFCA
Art Avenue Rose Tanner  
Website Lisa Riehl


West Kootenay Chapter 

President Barbara Pistak  
Vice President Elizabeth Honey 250-353-2199
Treasurer Helena Edmison 250-368-5493
Secretary Elisabeth Semenoff 250-368-9412
Membership Chair Brigitte Desbois 250-352-9731
Workshops Chair Allison Graeme 250-352-2252
Website Barbara Pistak 250-362-5436
Communications Elisabeth Semenoff 250-368-9412