Artist's Statement

I was fortunate to have travelled extensively during my career as a writer/broadcaster, travel writer and marketing executive. Artist's studios, galleries and museums from Santa Fe to Stockholm - from London to Taipei were always included in my itineraries - they were my classrooms. I was lucky to have had that opportunity, and when I began my second career as an artist I felt privileged to have learned so much from many of the world's great artists. I continue to learn today by attending workshops both in North America and abroad and through counselling emerging artists.

My first paintings were in oil, but I moved to watercolour for the discipline it requires, then became intrigued with the many capabilities of acrylic. Now I work exclusively in watermedia.

When working en plein air I sketch swiftly to capture the lights. In the studio, before beginning a painting, I imagine myself being in the place at a moment in time - and then the colour and water start to trickle, to run, to overlap another colour and as I play with the water, the story of that place or that fantasy at that moment beings to emerge.

My wish is for viewers to find a place in my paintings to project themselves; to stop, to look more closely, to smile... and to return to again and again.


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