Artist Information

Barbara is an award-winning Canadian artist

whose "brand" is to make unique, poetic works of art.

She says, "I love the process of creating something beautiful or unusual that did not exist before".

Barbara Cadario is a Canadian contemporary painter currently working in Vancouver, BC. She holds a BFA in Visual Art from the Emily Carr University of Art&Design, as well as several degrees in science from the University of Toronto and a Masters degree in pharmacology from the University of British Columbia. Her work is predominantly narrative and figure-based with a strong emphasis on light and colour, and draws on personal history, surrealism, poetry and concepts of happiness. Barbara is currently working on motifs of strength and vulnerability.

In her work, Barbara likes to concoct narratives that are positive, although sometimes with an enigmatic element. Drawing on figurative, landscape and post-modern traditions, she combines reality and the imagined to create poetic compositions with an uplifting aesthetic. Barbara draws upon her personal history as a healthcare professional who uses the light and colours of summer and tropical places to express concepts of happiness and immortality.

Barbara has always loved painting in oil paint and continues to use it for her most formal work. She first started oil painting at the age of nine.

Since then, Barbara developed skills in acrylic, watercolour, charcoal and digital art. Recent interests include illustrating children's picture books for charitable causes, and teaching art.

Barbara’s curiosity has led her to lengthy visits around the world including Greece, Denmark,  California and French Polynesia. A major influence on her art was a 20-year mentorship under James D. (Jim) Armstrong, a wonderful painter in Santa Barbara, California. Barbara's paintings can be found in collections in Canada, the USA and the United Kingdom.

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 Barbara Cadario    BFA


Contacting the Artist

Please contact Barbara by telephone: (604) 732-9172 or you may e-mail her.