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Details for "Foundations Weekend Workshop - Drawing for Painting: The Art of Seeing"


- Instructor: Mark Anthony


- Medium: Drawing


- Days: October 21 & October 22


- Time: 9:30am to 4:30pm


- Cost: $220 Members / $270 Non-Members

* Students registered in the 10-Day Foundations Program are eligible to receive a $25 discount


- Location: Dene Croft Studio & Gallery, North Vancouver



Without a good visual understanding, it is very hard to express ourselves with confidence. This two-day workshop is designed to give attention to the most critical aspects of visual comprehension that are foundational to drawing and painting. The two-day workshop will be grouped into four 2.5 hour segments which logically move you from the macro world of space and linear perspective through to the study of objects and figures within that space.  Finally we will close this journey with a detailed look at the structural details that make up the nature and movement of living forms, namely, structural and surface anatomy. Through this journey you will pick up with skills required to draw life within the context of space, texture, light, value, and dynamic line and technique.  You will see many examples of masterfully executed drawings and make a comparison between the draughtsman's approach and that of the painter. 


Part 1 will include a practical look at our field of view and what realities make up the rules of perspective.  You will learn several tricks that will allow you to compose accurately and practical examples in drawing shapes and shadows including receding measurements. 


Part 2 will be based up on placing objects within a field of spatial recession including figures, buildings, and typical outdoor lighting and shadows. 


Part 3 will take you into a comprehensive look at the most poetic forms we know, the human figure and the head.  From anatomical structure to gestural movement, you will look at the poetry of life with the objective of artistic communication. 


Part 4 will include a review of key points, an open questions and answer period, and a final portrait study. 


Much of this workshop will be based upon the points of special interest derived from Foundations Program Wednesday evening "The Art of Seeing" class, however, anyone is welcomed and encouraged to register. Each session will include lectures, visuals, and hands-on drawing experience. The workshop will move at a determined pace.  Realistically, no one will be leaving with a highly finished drawing, however, you will leave with a large toolbox of visual truths and immediate skills. 


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