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Instructor: Lalita Hamill, AFCA

Days: March 10 & 11, 2018

Time: 9:30am - 4:00pm

Pricing: Members $120

/Non-Members $170

Location: Studio 2880,

2880 15th Avenue, Prince George, B.C


This workshop is suitable for beginner and intermediate artists.


Yes, this is a very low price for a workshop being taught by a professional artist and instructor. The usual price will be $220 (members) for a two-day workshop. But the current members in and around Prince George want to form a Federation Chapter in the area and this workshop is part of an introduction to the Federtion for local artists.

If you would like to learn more about the Chapter opportunity please contact local organizer Kristin Vignal via email: kvignal57(at)


Workshop Description

In a painting, composition generally refers to how the parts of the image relate to each other to create a whole. The way in which a painting is composed and the way in which the painting’s elements work together to form a coherent whole is key to the success of a work of art in conveying its message and visually ‘hanging together’. Few beginning artists use the elements and principles of design to their full advantage.

In this informative class, you will develop a deeper and broader understanding of what the various terms mean, why these concepts are important, and how you can apply them to improve the quality of your work.

The evening before the workshop will include a free optional critique session of up to two paintings per participant as well as the opportunity to be juried in for Active status with the FCA. Registration for the workshop is not necessary to attend the Friday evening session.

To see and learn more about Lalita Hamill please visit her website:



Friday 7-9pm free and open to all: introduction, critique, & Active-status jurying


Saturday 9:30am – 4:00pm:

9:30am Introduction(s)

9:40am - Assessing the work of others - You are the juror!  Rank each photo and painting (10 being highest) according to whether or not it holds your interest or you think it has compositional merit.  Please keep these and bring them back tomorrow.

Composition terminology – review 1pg handout on the Elements & Principles of Design & 2pgs by Loomis

10:45am Tonal values & tying shapes together

-          Exercise 1: count the black shapes, count the white shapes

-          Exercise 2: using a black sharpie, colour in all the areas that are 5 or darker.  We will assess the notans (black & white) on the reverse side.

11:30am Section 1 – “Composition Basics”


Section 2 – “Symmetry and Balance”

Section 3 – “Repetition”

Sunday 9:30am – 4:00pm:

9:30am – any questions from yesterday?

9:45am Section 4 – “The Use of Line”

11am - Reassess the projected paintings & photos from yesterday morning & apply the information from the handouts


1pm Assessment Process – handout

1:30pm Assess your photographs & come up with compositions to use for future paintings (group & individual work)

3:30pm Q & A and Wrap up



Course Cost & Status

  • CAN$120.00
  • CAN$170.00 with Non-Member
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