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Details for "12 Secrets of Artistic Creativity"


INSTRUCTOR:  Barbara CadarioSpacer

LEVEL:  All Levels

MEDIUM:  All Media

DAY:  Wednesday July 18 & July 25 2018

TIME:  6:00 PM to 9:00 PM both evenings

LOCATION: Federation Gallery, Vancouver

PRICING: Members $95 / Non-Members $120



"Creativity is intelligence at play" - Albert Einstein


We all have the ability to be more creative in our art and in our lives, and with practice we can start to use more of our creative potential.  


This 2-part workshop will help you approach art and life more creatively by introducing 12 ideas and exercises that can help you expand and enhance your creative process.  By having a week break in between the 2 sessions, artists will have time to practice the exercises and return with questions to develop further.  Examples and concepts of creativity will be presented to students using demonstrations, videos, PowerPoint presentations and through discussion and time will be set aside for hands-on practice working in personal art journals.  


By the end of the second session, students will have a better understanding of what creativity is, and have a variety of new tools and techniques to inspire creativity.  Artists will find that in the process of understanding and practicing creativity, they will have more confidence in their personal creative process - perhaps develop entire new processes - and gain inspiration for ideas of future artwork.  


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Barbara Cadario is a Canadian contemporary painter currently working in Vancouver, BC. She holds a BFA in Visual Art from the Emily Carr University of Art&Design, as well as several degrees in science from the University of Toronto and a Masters degree in pharmacology from the University of British Columbia. Her work is predominantly narrative and figure-based with a strong emphasis on light and colour, and draws on personal history, surrealism, poetry and concepts of happiness. Barbara is currently working on motifs of strength and vulnerability.

In her work, Barbara likes to concoct narratives that are positive, although sometimes with an enigmatic element. Drawing on figurative, landscape and post-modern traditions, she combines reality and the imagined to create poetic compositions with an uplifting aesthetic. Barbara draws upon her personal history as a healthcare professional who uses the light and colours of summer and tropical places to express concepts of happiness and immortality.

"I love the process of creating something beautiful or unusual that did not exist before".



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