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The Federation's 2019 Summer Programming is a series of low cost or no cost events, designed to help artists in their practice and professional development. From product demos to industry panels, with hands on and off sessions, take an evening, learn something new or develop a skill with the Federation of Canadian Artists. 


Monday 22nd July

6.30 PM - 9.00 PM

Sculpture Society of British Columbia

with David C. Walker,

Entry by Donation

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Open to non-members and suitable for all membership levels.


"To take a block of stone and make into something that looks soft and asks to be touched, brings me joy!" - David C. Walker


Sculpture is the newest accepted art form at the Federation, and we are delighted to have the Sculpture Society of British Columbia involved for our 2019 sculpture projects.


To give artists greater insight to this practice, SSBC member David C. Walker will be giving a talk about the society, his influences and background.


A passionate advocate for sculpture, as a child David played with oil based clay with his two younger brothers.  In later life, as a cell biologist he used two dimensional images to try to understand three dimensional structures for over forty years. David began carving stone with Alberto Replanski in 1998 and has continued after his passing.



This presentation will cover an introduction to the Sculpture Society of British Columbia, and insight into David's practice, materials, techniques and his journey as an artist.


Join us for an evening of discovery!







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