Artist's Statement

My paintings have always impressed the living rhythms of nature, the interaction and relationships of one form to another and the magnified close-up view of such. A sense of emotion, natural beauty and our connection to the ancient earth are the major messages that I aim to convey in my presentations.

For the past five years I have been working continuously on two intertwining themes - Connections and Interior Design. The Connections series incorporates linear forms of land and sea and relates to the connectedness of all life. This naturally leads to the Interior Design series, a play on words for the beauty of the inner earth. I have become absolutely fascinated by the beauty of fossils and have used artistic license to bring these to life in many colors.

For many years I painted in watercolor only, but found the textures and vibrancy of acrylics and mixed media irresistible. Heavily textured and sculptured supports create the setting for the Interior Design series, with slices of ancient rocks and fossils sometimes being incorporated.

It is my hope that the viewer will find even more expression in my work and I am always amazed at the different responses that I receive.

I have enjoyed a myriad of classes and workshops over the years with both local and international art teachers, as well as studying art design, technique and philosophy. Finding a unique theme, focus and style of presentation has resulted in a deep satisfaction.

My earlier career in the land and geology sectors of Mobil Oil in Calgary and in mining with Cominco in Vancouver have proved an important basis for inspiring my artistic life. Geologists around the globe will be delighted to see an artist's passion for earth science as my paintings will be featured in an upcoming issue of Geoscientist Magazine. As well, homebuilders in Alberta and British Columbia have recently engaged me to contribute my designs to their new projects. Expanding one of my leaf series compositions onto an entire curved ceiling resulted in an incredible welcoming garden-like entrance to the home.

I was very pleased to receive the Peggy and Harry Evans award for my painting "Connections #17" at the FCA Winter Juried Show in February 1999.

Carol was awarded AFCA Status with the Federation of Canadian Artists in 1998. She served on the FCA Board as Director of Communications, but has now left to more fully commit herself to her artwork.


Corporate Collectors: Barnes, Twining and Short; Barristers and Solicitors, Vancouver, B.C. 6 pieces
Niko Resources, Calgary, Alberta
Vancouver Marina (1971) Ltd., Richmond, B.C.

Private Collectors: Canada, United States, Germany

Gallery Representation

Federation of Canadian Artists, Vancouver
Geo-Stones Fossil and Gemstone Gallery, Calgary

Education and Teaching

Art Education

Federation of Canadian Artists Foundation Program
Kwantlen College
White Rock Summer School of the Arts
Vancouver Academy of Art


"Blueprints for Dynamic Composition"
Learn how to geometrically construct and deconstruct your painting surfaces to reveal the natural thythm of superior compositions.

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Contacting the Artist

Please contact Carol at her studio: 
Telephone: 604-538-7155
Fax: 604-538-7176