About the Artist

Dorothy Byrne-Jones was born in Toronto in 1946. While she has lived in the United States for brief periods of time, this artist now resides in Stratford, Ontario.

With specialist certification in Primary and Special Education, Dorothy has combined her pursuits as an artist with that of a teaching career for over thirty years. Several classes in art were completed through the Ontario College of Art in Toronto. Paintings by this artist have been well received; she has won numerous awards. Her works hang in private as well as corporate collections in Canada and the United States.

Artist's Statement

This artist believes that making art is about revealing oneself; in fact, she states that "creativity lies in a paradox and serious art is born from serious play". As an artist, Dorothy paints to satisfy her inner child. With the passing of her fifth decade she feels that a new life plateau has been reached. New paintings respond to inner images that are yearning to be painted.

A colourist, this artist uses bold gestural strokes to complete interpretive landscapes. Paintings have bright, juxtapositioned colours. Many of her works Byrne-Jones refers to as "human landscapes" stating that "these represent my own body and spirit". Dorothy paints in series from an overall perspective entitled: "Beginning a New Way of Working, Inside Out". These bodies of work are ultimately about creative search to both express and free herself as an artist.

Dorothy Byrne-Jones feels that she is on a cusp; her renditions of landscape have gone from a need to duplicate what is viewed to interpretation and abstraction of form. Abstract design is appreciated more by exploring the paintings, sometimes upside down, with the discovery that there is more than one right way to view the works. Dorothy experiences both pleasure, and surprise, in that which is revealed in the unconscious creative process.

Professional Memberships

Central Ontario Artist Association

Scarborough Arts Council

Federation of Canadian Artists, Active Membership

East Lake Simcoe Art Association, Chairperson

East Central Ontario Art Association

Cedar Ridge Arts Association

Scarborough Art Guild

Don Valley Artists Association

Contact the Artist

Dorothy Byrne-Jones
22 North Pointe Drive
Stratford, Ontario
N5A 8C3