Artist's Statement

The compelling qualities of quick response in general and of texture, depth, opacity and translucency in particular, make water media my choice as an artist.

The forms, patterns and textures of nature have always held a fascination for me. I draw on past observations and "osmosis" of the environment. Finding another way to do or express or use something is a hangover from the depression and continues to drive my creativity, which is important to me.

An intimate cove, a rock, colour, a certain atmosphere are just some inspirations. I seek to capture the essence, the spirit, by a spontaneous response and intuition as the painting develops. The techniques conform to the idea being expressed and are based on personal experimentation and traditional base. Other artists work is much admired but I must purse my way. Some force urges me on to satisfy my own need to express what is in my being. Pulling an image from paint thrown on paper never ceases to intrigue me. To paint from one's inner self is very fulfilling and to find another human being to whom my work speaks, while not imperative, affirms my sensibilities.



  • Numerous Federation of Canadian Artist shows
  • Sooke Fine Arts
  • Federation of Canadian Artists SFCA/AFCA
  • SFCA/AFCA Medal Shows (Pegasus Award, 1991)

Group Shows

  • Numerous Federation of Canadian Artist shows
  • Eaton's Invitational, Victoria, BC
  • Backroom Gallery, Victoria, BC
  • Bea Jumpsen Gallery, Victoria, BC
  • Victoria Sketch Club, Victoria, BC
  • Nunavut Gallery, Victoria, BC
  • FCA joint exhibition, Australia, New Zealand, Canada

Individual Shows

  • Nunavut Gallery, Victoria, BC

Gallery Representation

Currently, Delphine Large's work can be seen at the

Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, (Rental and Sales), 1040 Moss Street, Victoria, BC.

Contact the Artist

Please contact Delphine Large by telephone (250) 598-5642 in Victoria, BC Canada