Art Courses

Monday Evening in the Gallery

To grow as a professional artist, you must develop not only the practical, hands-on skills necessary to create beautiful pieces of art, but you must also develop a know-how regarding the business side of the arts industry. 


Monday Evening in the Gallery is a new series of seminars offered to artists that is geared to learning about the business side of the arts, lead by individuals who have valuable information to share.  Sessions will focus on a wide range of topics and vary in structure and format, but all will take place on Monday evenings in the Federation Gallery.  Of course, not every detail can be taught in one evening session, but the hope is that guests walk away with a greater sense of understanding, less fear of something they may not be familiar with, and new tools they can put to use to help build their career as an artist. 



Upcoming Monday Evening in the Galley Seminars:


Stay tuned for more Monday Evening in the Gallery Seminars