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To get to the next level in your own practice, you'll sometimes need the constructive feedback of an experienced critic and fellow artist to drive your work forward. Hear what is working in your art and ask for input on your current challenges. You’ll receive an overall evaluation of your artwork's strengths and weaknesses and a clear idea of how to move forward.


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Why critiques?

To better service all our members throughout Canada we are building our in-person education programs  to include an online education program. 


Creating art is most often a solitary activity, and with only friends or family to provide feedback on your work, progressing as an artist can be challenging. To get to that “next level” you’ll sometimes need the constructive feedback to drive your work forward. Critiques will help you grow as an artist and help you develop your work. If you’re wondering where to go next, how to get accepted in more galleries or win more competitions, critiques are a necessary part of achieving those goals.


Federation critiques are provided by our Signature members; well-established as artists and well-respected as instructors and critiquers.


Hear what is working in your art, what's not working and, most importantly, how to fix it. You’ll receive an overall evaluation of your artwork's strengths and weaknesses and a clear idea of how to move forward with your art.


Interactive and recorded

Critique sessions are interactive. You'll need a webcam and headset with a microphone so you can interact with the critiquer. You can still view the critique even if you don't have a webcam and headset, but you won't be able to ask questions.


All sessions will be recorded and made available online for a month following the session. If you miss your session or if you want to see it again you can return to see it on the FCA YouTube channel as often as you'd like.


Full instructions, including a link to the webinar, are sent via email after registration, well before your session starts.



$20 members / $25 non-members

+ 5% GST tax


Student Feedback

"The experience was GREAT!!! Please keep it up. The critiques are fun & very informative" - Anonymous, Andrew McDermott's Critique Session


"This was my 2nd critique with Charlie Easton. I was doing landscapes for the 1st one. I really enjoy the way Charlie does the critique with examples on photo shop, so you can see what he is talking about and how it will change the painting. I always gain so much knowledge from these, listening to all the critiques is so helpful, even though I am learning Abstract, the same principles often apply in terms of design, colour and composition. These are really useful sessions. I can't believe people aren't lining up to participate. I highly recommend Charlie Easton for critiques too, he is very kind, gives excellent illustrations and is open to questions. Thanks so much for doing these." - Anonymous, Charlie Easton's Critique Session


"I would love to have my work critiqued every 3 months or so, I feel it was very helpful for my development" - Anonymous, Nicoletta Baumeister's Critique Session


"It was a great learning session participating in Kit Bell and FAC'S Online critique. I'm quite pleased that I joined because not only did I receive good information about my paintings but also on the paintings of the other participants. The instructor is obviously quite knowledgeable. She presented the critique in a way that I felt quite confident in her comments. Kit Bell gave each of us plenty of time to ask questions, and made me feel comfortable with my first critique ever. I would not hesitate to participate again with this instructor." - Anonymous, Kit Bell's Critique Session


"I found the critique very helpful to provide objective review of two current paintings. I will make changes to both these paintings based on the feedback. I like that Andrew also provided images of other successful artists' work based on each student's painting interest and pointed out strengths. The on-line "Go meeting" app was easy to use; no problems at all. As an emerging artist I need this type of feedback so very appreciative to access it through FCA. Thank you, Andrew and to others involved in setting this session up" - Rosalie, Andrew McDermott's Critique Session


"Time very well spent" - Anonymous, Andrew McDermott's Critique Session



Sample Online Critques


Sample Critiques


Nicoletta Baumeister, AFCA


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Kit Bell, AFCA


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