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2019 Award Winners

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We believe there is no substitute for evaluating artwork in person, therefore the FCA ensures quality by completing the awards jury in our physical gallery space on Granville Island.


You can learn more about our artists and jurors by searching their names in our database here for AFCAs and here for SFCAs. Thank you to the jurors who extend their professional expertise and offer their time fostering arts and culture development in Canada.









 MUSE 2019

Jury: Perry Haddock, SFCA, Jennifer Mitton, AFCA, Catherine Sheppard, SFCA


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1st Place: Annette Nieukerk - Diana's favourite sunglasses 2nd Place: William Liao - LIFE & FATE #14 3rd Place: Anitta Hamming - Perseverance
awards awards awards
Honourable Mention: Lynda Manson - Morning Walk With A.J Casson :Painting Within a Painting Honourable Mention: Aleksandra Kalinic - Lightness Honourable Mention: Anne I. Moody - The Conversation



Jury: Clement Kwan, SFCA, Brent Lynch, SFCA, Sandy Terry, SFCA


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1st Place: Andrew McDermott - Burrard Bridge and Boats 2nd Place: Dione Dolan - Ravens Stand 3rd Place: Kathy Traeger - It's the real thing
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Honourable Mention: Andrey Pingachev - After the Storm (Vancouver) Honourable Mention: Cindy McMath - Travel Diary Honourable Mention: Tatjana Mirkov-Popovicki - Whyte Islet



Jury: Roberta Combs, SFCA, Joan Larson, SFCA,  Louise Nicholson, AFCA



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 1st Place: Christina Shalaby - Vantage Point  2nd Place: Elisabeth Sommerville - Home Range 3rd Place: Christine Camilleri - Up Close
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 Honourable Mention: Margaret Cody - Family Portrait  Honourable Mention: Patricia Peacock - Lead the way Home  Honourable Mention: Susan G. Taylor - Monarchs in Search of Milkweed

 BLOOM 2019

Jury: Tanya Bone, SFCA, Susan Cowan, SFCA, Laurie Koss, SFCA, 


bloom award bloom awards bloom award
1st Place: Bev Robertson - Flower Stand 2nd Place: Linda Bell - Orchid and Pears 3rd Place: Lee Caufield - Scarlet Encounter
bloom award bloom award bloom award
Honourable Mention: Myrtle-Anne Rempel - Faded Florals Honourable Mention: Andrey Pingachev - Spring Honourable Mention: Larisa Nikonova - Spring Flowers


 Abstracted 2019

Jury: Enda Bardell, AFCA, Joyce Kamikura, SFCA, Myrtle-Anne Rempel, SFCA


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1st Place: Lori Sokoluk - The Edge of Urban Time 2nd Place: Patricia Peacock - Earthly Delights in Iceland 3rd Place: Marianne Meyer - surrounded by everything
award award award
Honourable Mention: Eve Llyndorah - Spirit of Place #2 Honourable Mention: Pauline Jans - Days of Innocence Honourable Mention: Janice Evans - November


 Canvas Unbound 2019

Jury: Charlie Easton, SFCA, Jutta Kaiser, SFCA, Adrienne Moore, AFCA


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 1st Place: Cecile Lam - Lollipops and Roses  2nd Place: Meghan Sharir - Looking Down  3rd Place: Jenn Ashton - Portrait with Blue Vase
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 Honourable Mention: Sheila Kernan - How To Live Life  Honourable Mention: Maggie Wilson - Ocean Refraction  Honourable Mention: Sheree Jones - The Carnivalesque (Megz & Mel)


 Artists' Choice 2019

Jury: Darlene Botkin, AFCA, Susan Cowan, SFCA, Richard McDiarmid SFCA


liao Artists Choice Test art
 1st Place: William Liao - Life and Fate #13  2nd Place: Elma Neufeld - Kimono # 4  3rd Place: Christine Camilleri - Surfside Sand
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 Honourable Mention: Robbie Hosegood - Shipshape  Honourable Mention: Steve Hepburn - "Sunday Morning"  Honourable Mention: Bob Araki - Old water mill in New Brunswick village.


Retro Online Exhibition 2019

Jury: Mairi Budreau, AFCA, Ken Faulks, SFCA, Leslie Gregory-Morgan, SFCA



retro retro retro
1st Place: Patrick Douglass Cox - CCM 2nd Place: John Pryce - Victorian splendour 3rd Place: Kathy Hildebrandt - Take Me Out to the Ball Game
retro wylie alan retro  
Honourable Mention: Margaret Cody - Bad Date Honourable Mention: Alan Wylie - Approaching City Centre  


Works on Paper 2019

Jury: Harold Allanson, SFCA, Lee Caufield, AFCA, Martine Gourbault, SFCA, Elisabeth Sommerville, SFCA



wop wop wop
1st Place: Janice Evans - Remnants of Snow 2nd Place: Louise Nicholson - Outstretched 3rd Place: Martha Moore - Inside Passage
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Honourable Mention: Lorie Meyer - Berries #3 Honourable Mention: Geri Watson - Abstract in blues Honourable Mention: Susan G. Taylor - Her Eggs Were Sky Blue I

Active Members Exhibition 2019

Jury: Christine Camilleri AFCA, Janice Robertson SFCA, Alan Wylie SFCA


 heine  ascroft
1st Place: Sharon Lalonde - Love, Connection and Memories 2nd Place: Jennifer Heine - Pelicandemonium 3rd Place: Vedrana Ascroft - AUTUMN BEAUTY
leonard macdonald barbel smith
Honourable Mention: Phil Leonard - Long Beach, Tofino Honourable Mention: Jana Rayne Macdonald - Opaque Honourable Mention: Barbel Smith - Autumn Island