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You can learn more about our artists and jurors by searching their names in our database here for AFCAs and here for SFCAs. Thank you to the jurors who extend their professional expertise and offer their time fostering arts and culture development in Canada.


If you are an AFCA or SFCA who would like to share your knowledge and professional guidance by jurying, please email fcagallery@artists.ca









                             2020 Annual International  Representational Exhibition

                   Jury: Leanne Christie, SFCA, Kathy Traeger, SFCA and Gale More O'Ferrall AFCA
                    2020 Scenes from Western Canada
                   Jury: Brent Lynch, SFCA, Tatjana Mirkov-Popovicki, SFCA and Lucy Collings, AFCA


          2020 Small Artwork Exhibition


                   Jury: Susie Cipolla, SFCA, Perry Haddock, SFCA and Jane Crosby, AFCA


                             The Vancouver Salon 2020


                   Jury: Leslie Gaye Adams, SFCA, Andrew McDermott, SFCA and Jennifer Heine, AFCA


             Painting on the Edge 2020


                   Jury: Leslie Gregory-Morgan, SFCA, Renato Muccillo, SFCA and Renata Kerr, AFCA


                   2020 Landscapes Exhibition


                   Jury: Charlie Easton, SFCA, Phillipa Hudson, SFCA and Ann Willsie, AFCA


                   2020 Social Distancing Exhibition


                   Jury: David Goatley, SFCA, Andrew McDermott, SFCA and Louise Nicholson AFCA


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First Place: Alan Wylie, SFCA

Lucas Waiting

Second Place: Earl Graham

Self Portrait All Alone

Third Place: Jacinthe Rivard

I Hope He Calls...




Honourable Mention: Rain Cabana-Boucher

Window #3

Honourable Mention: Sara Hansen

Self Isolation Portrait 1

Honourable Mention: Kato, AFCA


                   2020 - Annual International Mail-In Art Exhibition


                   Jury: Susie Cipolla, SFCA, Myrtle-Anne Rempel, SFCA and Sharka Leigh AFCA

 2020_AIMAE_First  2020_AIMAE_2nd  2020_AIMAE_3rd

First Place: Zi Yan

Happiness is Like Flowers

Second Place: Zhen Bao


Third Place: Junyi Ji

Childhood Sunshine

 2020_AIMAE_HM_1  2020_AIMAE_HM_3  2020_AIMAE_HM_2

Honourable Mention: Cindy Friesen-Ford Ashurst

Spirits of the Totems

Honourable Mention: Asiza

The Secret Twin

Honourable Mention: Zebin Huang

Fishing Boat

                   2020 - 365 Online Exhibition and Calendar Project

                   Jury: Leslie Gregory-Morgan, SFCA, Joan Larson, SFCA and Jim McFarland, AFCA

 2020_365_First_Tilby  2020_365_Second_Revell  2020_365_Third_Allanson

First Place: Deborah Tilby, SFCA

Falcon and Friendship


Second Place: Cindy Revell, AFCA

In Other Words


Third Place: Harold Allanson, SFCA

Split Second Time Square


Fourth Place: Barbara Ursel

The Golden Hour


                   Canvas Unbound 2020

                   Jury: Martine Gourbault, SFCA, Perry Haddock, SFCA and Linda Bell, AFCA

 2020_Canvas_Unbound_First_Tai  2020_Canvas_Unbound_Second_Lawther  2020_Canvas_Unbound_Third_Maryka

First Place: Thomas Tai, AFCA

Its Too Cold

Second Place: Margaret Lawther

Forbidden Fruit

Third Place: Maureen Maryka

Beach Stories

 2020_CU_HM_Byhre  2020_CU_HM_Sephahi 2020_CU_HM_Peacock 

Honourable Mention: Dale Byhre

Winter Beach, Tofino

Honourable Mention: Alireza Sepahi

At the Beach II

Honourable Mention: Patricia Peacock, AFCA

Ice Fishing Shacks, Gimli Shoreline

                   Bloom 2020

                   Jury: Tinyan Chan, SFCA, Marney-Rose Edge, SFCA and Kimberley Cook, AFCA

 2020_Bloom_First_Robinson  2020_Bloom_Second_LaVallee  2020_Bloom_Third_Takala

First Place Award: Phil Robertson,

Jewel Weed

Second Place Award: Inoka Manor LaVallee, 

Firey Blossoms

Third Place Award: Glenys Takala,

Simple Pleasures

 2020_Bloom_HM_Nikonova 2020_Bloom_HM_Sincalire  2020_Bloom_HM_Williams 
Honourable Mention: Larisa Nikonova, Bouquet from California

Honourable Mention: Carollyne Sinclaire,

September Sunflower

Honourable Mention: Shirley Williams, Flouncy White Dress
                2020 Muse Exhibition

Jury: Jutta Kaiser, SFCA, Dan Varnals, SFCA and Jeff Wilson, AFCA

First Place Award: Will Yang, Burrard Dry Dock Pier
Second Place Award: Annette Nieukerk, Lorna II
Third Place Award: Doris Charest, AFCA, Mon Enfant
Honourable Mention: Cameron Roberts, SFCA, Merlot

Honourable Mention: Olya Wright, AFCA, Cariboo Lodge No. 4

                        2020 Abstracted Exhibition

Jury: Jutta Kaiser, SFCA, Myrtle-Ann Rempel, SFCA, Eunmi Conacher, AFCA - Elisabeth Sommerville SFCA awards juror in lieu of Eunmi Conacher, AFCA

2020_Abstraceted_First_Jensen   2020_Abstracted_Second_Jans  2020_Abstracted_Third_Yang
First Place Award: Lalia Jensen, Devotion
Second Place Award: Pauline Jans, Anatomy of a Storm
Third Place Award: Will Yang, RainCouver
2020_Abstracted_HM_Hipol   2020_Abstracted_HM_Kato  2020_Abstracted_Mosna
Honourable Mention: Karl Mata Hipol: Untitled (Family Silhouette)

Honourable Mention: Kato, AFCA: An Evening at Rebecca's

Honourable Mention: George J. Mosna: The Martyrs
              2020 Group of Seven 100th Anniversary Exhibition

Jury: Janice Robertson, SFCA, Jack Turpin, SFCA, William Liao, AFCA

G07_First_Wang  2020_Go7_Second_Peters  2020_Go7_Third_Shardlow
First Place Award: Jianhong Wang, Eye of Forest
Second Place Award: Roy Peters, Untitled Third Place Award: Tom Shardlow, AFCA, Paul Lake
 2020_Go7_HM_Blaney 2020_Go7_HM_Josenhanns   2020_Go7_HM_Thibault
Honourable Jodie Blaney: After Rain

Honourable Mention: Maria Josenhans: Burnt Trees - Waterton Lakes

Honourable Mention: Rene Thibault, AFCA: Peak on the Bow Valley
                        2020 Artists' Choice

Jury: Andrew McDermott, SFCA, Catherine Sheppard, SFCA, Enda Bardell, AFCA

 2020_Artists_Choice_Rivard_First  2020_Artists_Choice_Second_Robichaud  2020_Artists_Choice_Third_Sykes

First Place Award: Jacinthe Rivard,

Ketchup Bottle

Second Place Award: Shawn Robichaud, 

Yesterday's Tomorrow

Third Place Award: Lynn C. Sykes, AFCA,

Summer Morning Williams Park

 2020_Artists_Chouce_HM_Bakewell 2020_Artists_Choice_HM_Dow   2020_Artists_Choice_HM_Yang
Honourable Mention: Audrey Bakewell, AFCA: Out of the Silence

Honourable Mention: Greg DowNight Peach

Honourable Mention: Will Yang: CarGill North Vancouver
                                   2020 FCA Postcard Competition and Online Exhibition

Jury: Angie Au Hemphill, SFCA, Teressa Bernard, SFCA, Sheila Sarah Adams, AFCA

First Place Award: Gary Nay, Into the Bay, Again and Again
Second Place Award: Dan Telosky, AFCA, Nestled in Laura Cove
Third Place Award: Broderick Wong, Your Home My Home
Honourable Mention: Di: Returning Home

Honourable Mention: Perry Haddock, SFCA: Autumn Magic

Honourable Mention: Janice Robertson, SFCA: Arbutus Afternoon

2020 Works on Paper

Jury: Roberta Combs, SFCA, Elisabeth Somerville, SFCA, Yoko Asari, AFCA - Jutta Kaiser, SFCA - awards juror in lieu of Roberta Combs, SFCA

First Place Award: Sue Damen, The Silo
Second Place Award: Alice Bottrill, Song of Autumn
Third Place Award: Renee Lippa, Crazy Lazy
Honourable Mention: Diana Grenkow: My Little Girl, Mitzi

Honourable Mention:

Barbara Regamey McDonald: Peter's Prime Time

Honourable Mention: Geri Watson: Happy Together


2020 Active Member Exhibition

Jury: Amanda Jones, SFCA, Kathy Traeger, SFCA, Helena Maizlin, AFCA


First Place Award: Jo-Anne Revell, Midnight Sun Second Place Award: Kargar Marjan, Mothers Third Place Award: Claudia PunterCommunications


Honourable Mention: Kara Jen Barkved, A Passing Universe  Honourable Mention: Heather Boyle, BUG LYF

 Honourable Mention:

Margaret Lawther, Peach Roses #2