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Federation exhibitions are each juried by a panel of 3 peer jurors from our Signature Status membership. Learn more about membership with the Federation of Canadian Artists here.


The Federation would like to express our sincere gratitude to our Signature Membership, who volunteer their time and expertise to jury our exhibitions.



                   2021 Annual International Mail-In Art Exhibition
                   Jury: Cindy Revell, SFCA, Dennis J. Webber, SFCA and Enda Bardell, AFCA
                   2021 Bloom
                   Jury: Laurie Koss, SFCA, Sandy Terry, SFCA and Kimberley Cook, AFCA

                   2021 Water Exhibition
                   2D Jury: Teressa Bernard, SFCA, Barb Springer-Sapergia, SFCA and Dione Dolan, AFCA

                   3D Jury: Michael Abraham, SFCA, Lynn Falconer, SFCA and Ginny Glover SFCA

                   2021 Abstracted
                   Jury: Barry Rafuse, SFCA, Ann Zielinski, SFCA and Nancy Kramp, AFCA

                   2021 Artists' Choice
                   2D Jury: Teng-Ko Weng, SFCa, Linda Wilder, SFCA and Ray Swirsky, AFCA

                   3D Jury: Fred Dobbs, SFCA, Dale Dziwenka, SFCA, James Fletcher, SFCA

                   2021 Works on Paper
                   Jury: Roberta Combs, SFCA, Elisabeth Sommerville, SFCA and Yoko Asari, AFCA
                    2021 Active Member Exhibition
                   Jury: Jutta Kaiser, SFCA, Louis Yen, SFCA and Wendy Carmichael Bauld, AFCA