Federation Gallery

2018 Award Winners


We believe there is no substitute for evaluating artwork in person, therefore the FCA ensures quality by completing the awards jury in our physical gallery space on Granville Island.


You can learn more about our artists and jurors by searching their names in our database here for AFCAs and here for SFCAs. Thank you to the jurors who extend their professional expertise and offer their time fostering arts and culture development in Canada.


If you are an AFCA or SFCA who would like to share your knowledge and professional guidance by jurying, please email fcagallery@artists.ca






SFCA Medal Exhibition

Jury: Harold Allanson (online only), Charlie Easton SFCA, Elisabeth Sommerville SFCA, Andrew McDermott


sfca 1st 2018 2018
Gold Medal Winner: Dan Varnals - Maple on Cedar Silver Medal Winner: Edgardo Lantin - Music Appreciation Bronze Medal Winner: Elizabeth Wiltzen - Lake O'Hara Study
2018 2018 2018
Honourable Mention: Meeta Dani - Flavours of India Honourable Mention: Joan Larson - Diner With A View Honourable Mention: Barry Rafuse - Crimson Mystery



AFCA Medal Exhibition

Jury: Nancy Kramp AFCA, William Liao AFCA, John Stuart Pryce AFCA


afca hastie asari
1st Place: Donna MacDonald - Coffee in the Park 2nd Place: Joanne Hastie - It's Raining 3rd Place: Yoko Asari - Beneath the Sky
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Honourable Mention: Fran Alexander - Sleuth Honourable Mention: Eunmi Conacher - Flight To Hong Kong Honourable Mention: Peggy Burkosky - Ancient Streets of Sibenik Croatia


Shape and Form Exhibition

Jury: Roberta Combs SFCA, Jennifer Mitton AFCA, Myrtle-Anne Rempel SFCA


shape and form shape and form shape and form
 1st Place: Eve Llyndorah - Spirit of Place # 4  2nd Place: Jo-Anne Revell - Kits' Night Festival  3rd Place: Candy McManiman - Subantarctic Icons
shape and form shape and form shape and form
 Honourable Mention: Pepe Hidalgo - Conversation with Miro  Honourable Mention: Elizabeth Hutchinson - Surrender  Honourable Mention: William Liao - Deep Forest #3


365 Online Exhibition and Calendar Project

Jury: Donna Baspaly SFCA, Marney-Rose Edge SFCA, Deborah Strong SFCA


Claudia Spacer Spacer
1st Place: Claudia Punter - Wagon Ride 2nd Place: Danvic Briones - Power UP 3rd Place: Lynn C Sykes - Fuchsia Bouquet
 365  365  365
4th Place: Kathy Hildebrandt - Just Let It Be Ten Featured Artists: Sandy Bligh - A Spot of Tea Ten Featured Artists: Mary-Jean Butler - Soaring II
 365  Spacer  365
Ten Featured Artists: Crystal Crossman - An Evening with Brinna Ten Featured Artists: Patrick Douglass Cox - The Athlete Ten Featured Artists: William Liao - Fragments of Memory
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Ten Featured Artists: Perrin Sparks - Last Call Ten Featured Artists: Dan Telosky - Dodds Narrows Ten Featured Artists: Roy Tibbits - Winter Barn
365 365  
Ten Featured Artists: Dan Varnals - Autumn Confusion Ten Featured Artists: Ann Willsie - Wildflowers IV  


AIRE - The Annual International Representational Exhibition

Jury: David Goatley SFCA, Kathy Traeger AFCA, Alan Wylie SFCA


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1st Place: William Liao - Life and Fate #10 2nd Place: Meghan Sharir - Dream Catcher 3rd Place: Rhonda LeGrove Garton - Like Father, Like Son
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Honourable Mention: Edward Huner - Model on Pillows Honourable Mention: Beth Bouffard - Styrax Japonica Honourable Mention: Ken Faulks - Sea Breeze





Jury: Susan Cowan SFCA,  Marney Edge-Rose SFCA, Richard McDiarmid SFCA


Majie 2018 Spacer Spacer
1st Place: Majie Lavergne - The Growing Gap 2nd Place: Annette Nieukerk - Janet Contemplates both her Past and her Future 3rd Place: Edith Fullerton - Breaking the Code
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Honourable Mentions: Duane Fast - Lonely Honourable Mentions: Diane Akey - "mySon" Honourable Mentions: Laura Chandler - Sojourn




Scenes from Western Canada

Jury:  Kristina Boardman SFCA, Lucy Collings AFCA, Charlie Easton SFCA


Wallace cameron wolf
1st Place: Lucy Wallace - Sunset on the Lake 2nd Place: Fred Cameron - Wilcox Pass 3rd Place: Wolf Schenke - Divers, Porteau Cove
clark stafford kerrie watt
Honourable Mention: Sally Clark - Immersion Honourable Mention: Kerrie Stafford - Pitt Meadows Farm Honourable Mention: Ronnie Watt - Treeline Study


Small, Smaller, Smallest

Jury: Fran Alexander AFCA, Martine Gourbault SFCA, Perry Haddock SFCA


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1st Place: Fred Cameron - Dancing Koi 2nd Place: Ann Willsie - Shushwap Valley 3rd Place: Helena Maizlin - Alone
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Honourable Mention: Michael Gilmour - Three Jars

Honourable Mention: Lois Goodnough - NYFW Blues

Honourable Mention: Larry Tillyer - A Helping Hand




LIMITLESS Online Exhibition

Jury: Enda Bardel AFCA, Sherry L Mitchell SFCA, Anna Zielinski SFCA


 cox, crows lorna hannett the brooke
1st Place: Patrick Douglass Cox - Crows 2nd Place: Lorna Hannett - Life Lines 3rd Place: Xiong Wen Huang - The Brooke


Summer Showcase

Jury: Leanne Christie SFCA, Joan Larson SFCA, Dani Meeta SFCA


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1st Place: Annette Nieukerk - In Praise of Older Women - Eliza 2nd Place: Meghan Sharir - Happy in Havana 3rd Place: Dale Byhre - Beach Fire
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Honourable Mention: Dan Varnals - Ladner Reflections Honourable Mention: Jose L. De Juan - Summer Kites Honourable Mention: Viena Wroblewska - How About a Margarita, Beautiful?



                Painting on the Edge 

Jury: Jeanette Jarville AFCA, Suzanne Northcott SFCA, Jack Turpin SFCA  



Spacer pote 2018
Grand First Place: Renato Muccillo - "Portrait of My Father- Day 14" 2nd Place OPUS Award: Guy Wall - Leap of Faith 3rd Place OPUS Award: Leslie Gregory-Morgan - Secrets
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Fourth Place OPUS Award: Kirk Gower - Imaginary King 

Honourable Mention: Lauri Copeman - Still Life with Bunny Honourable Mention: Caroline Guille - Anahata





                O Canada! Exhibition

Jury: Claudia Lohmann AFCA, Mike Svob SFCA, Dan Varnals SFCA  


McCormack Ann Crook johnson wu
1st Place: Bernadette McCormack - From Sea to Sea to Sea 2nd Place: Ann Crook - Canadian Flight I 3rd Place: Johnson Wu - To Soar
de juan eftekar murphy
Honourable Mention: Jose L. De Juan - Seaspan Docks Honourable Mention: Homa Eftekhar - Disbelief Honourable Mention: Gwen Murphy - Autumn Daze



The Landscapes Exhibition

Jury: Jennifer Mitton AFCA, Renato Muccillo SFCA, Catherine Sheppard SFCA 


 Yin  pryce  Spacer
 1st Place: Haitao Yin - Still  2nd Place: John Pryce - Arboreal Veil 3rd Place: Jennifer Tunner - Bowen in the Distance 
 watt  vegt  moore
Honourable Mention: Ronnie Watt - Pastoral Honourable Mention: David Vegt - East Chilliwack Road  Honourable Mention: Andrea Moore - Alpine Lake 


The Annual International Mail-In Art Exhibition 

Jury: Louise Nicholson AFCA, Patricia Peacock SFCA, Catherine Sheppard SFCA 


 sparks  wylie  Spacer
 1st Place: Perrin Sparks - Ginger Nose  2nd Place: Alan Wylie - For My Little Sister  3rd Place: Huizhong Wang - Banana 
Spacer armstrong seto
Honourable Mention: Tracey Kucheravy - The Gift of Spring - Fort Whyte Honourable Mention: Heather E. S. Armstrong - "Morning Light -- Delight" Honourable Mention: Kenson Seto - Morning Ride


The Go Figure! Exhibition

Jury: Jeanette Jarville AFCA, Andrews McDermott SFCA, Kenson Seto SFCA  


Spacer liao williams
1st Place: Annette Nieukerk - Alice 2nd Place: William Liao - Life and Fate #8 3rd Place: Sharon Lynn Williams - Feline Friends
 moore  Spacer  Spacer
Honourable Mention: Adrienne Moore - YIN AND YANG Honourable Mention: Suzanne Sandboe - Momma Honourable Mention: Lois Goodnough - Women of the World II


The Wildlife Exhibition  

Jury: Meeta Dani SFCA, Perry Haddock SFCA, Olya Wright AFCA


Pryce  Spacer  Spacer
 1st Place: John Pryce - Grazin' 2nd Place: Gale More O'Ferrall - Leftovers   3rd Place: Andrea Moore - Stalker 
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 Honourable Mention: Lesley White - Gridlock Honourable Mention: Dyan Myhr - Coming Home  Honourable Mention: Daniel Strathdee - Trumpeter Strut 



The Aquarelle et Pastel Exhibition

Jury: Roberta Combs SFCA, Peter Gutmanis AFCA, Joan Larson SFCA


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 1st Place: Kathy Hildebrandt - The Reasons I Was Tardy  2nd Place: Carol Retzlaff - Cowichan River Estuary 3rd Place: Fariba Maria Dian - Art Gallery China 
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Honourable Mention: Lucy Wallace - Backward Glance Honourable Mention: Nicoletta Baumeister - Perfectly Balanced Honourable Mention: Janice Evans - Last of Winter in the Harbour- Vancouver Island