Federation Gallery

2020 Award Winners

                   2020 Signature Medal Exhibition

                  Jurors: Jack Turpin, SFCA, Meghan Sharir, AFCA and Ann Willsie, AFCA

                  2020 Retro Online Exhibition and Competition

                      Jurors: Richard McDiarmid, SFCA, Kathy Traegar, SFCA and Kathy Hildebrant, AFCA

                   2020 Bella! Exhibition

                   Two Dimensional Jurors: Perry Haddock, SFCA, Gerry Thompson SFCA and Angela Clarke,

                   Sculpture Jurors: Brent Cooke, SFCA, Bruce Kleeberger, Angela Clarke, PHD

                            2020 Concept Exhibition

                   Jurors: Jean Pederson, SFCA, Ann Zielinksi, SFCA and Helena Maizlin, AFCA

                             2020 Shape and Form Exhibition

                   Two Dimensional Jurors: Kristina Boardman SFCA, Marjorie Broadhead, SFCA and

                   Anita McComas, AFCA

                   Sculpture Jurors: Michael Abraham, SFCA, Melanie Furtado, David Robertson,


                   2020 Crisis Exhibition

                   JurySuzanne Northcott, SFCA, Catherine Sheppard, SFCA and Susan G. Taylor AFCA


                             2020 Annual International  Representational Exhibition

                   Jury: Leanne Christie, SFCA, Kathy Traeger, SFCA and Gale More O'Ferrall AFCA
                    2020 Scenes from Western Canada
                   Jury: Brent Lynch, SFCA, Tatjana Mirkov-Popovicki, SFCA and Lucy Collings, AFCA


          2020 Small Artwork Exhibition


                   Jury: Susie Cipolla, SFCA, Perry Haddock, SFCA and Jane Crosby, AFCA


                    2020 LIMITLESS Online Exhibition and Competition
                   Jury: Sarah Kidner, SFCA, Janice Robertson, SFCA and Fran Alexander, AFCA


                             The Vancouver Salon 2020


                   Jury: Leslie Gaye Adams, SFCA, Andrew McDermott, SFCA and Jennifer Heine, AFCA


             Painting on the Edge 2020


                   Jury: Leslie Gregory-Morgan, SFCA, Renato Muccillo, SFCA and Renata Kerr, AFCA


                   2020 Landscapes Exhibition


                   Jury: Charlie Easton, SFCA, Phillipa Hudson, SFCA and Ann Willsie, AFCA


                   2020 Social Distancing Exhibition


                   Jury: David Goatley, SFCA, Andrew McDermott, SFCA and Louise Nicholson AFCA


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First Place: Alan Wylie, SFCA

Lucas Waiting

Second Place: Earl Graham

Self Portrait All Alone

Third Place: Jacinthe Rivard

I Hope He Calls...




Honourable Mention: Rain Cabana-Boucher

Window #3

Honourable Mention: Sara Hansen

Self Isolation Portrait 1

Honourable Mention: Kato, AFCA


             2020 Animalis Exhibition

                   Jurors: Elisabeth Sommerville, SFCA, Deborah Strong, SFCA and Sharon Bamber, AFCA


                   2020 - Annual International Mail-In Art Exhibition


                   Jury: Susie Cipolla, SFCA, Myrtle-Anne Rempel, SFCA and Sharka Leigh AFCA

 2020_AIMAE_First  2020_AIMAE_2nd  2020_AIMAE_3rd

First Place: Zi Yan

Happiness is Like Flowers

Second Place: Zhen Bao


Third Place: Junyi Ji

Childhood Sunshine

 2020_AIMAE_HM_1  2020_AIMAE_HM_3  2020_AIMAE_HM_2

Honourable Mention: Cindy Friesen-Ford Ashurst

Spirits of the Totems

Honourable Mention: Asiza

The Secret Twin

Honourable Mention: Zebin Huang

Fishing Boat

                   2020 - 365 Online Exhibition and Calendar Project

                   Jury: Leslie Gregory-Morgan, SFCA, Joan Larson, SFCA and Jim McFarland, AFCA

 2020_365_First_Tilby  2020_365_Second_Revell  2020_365_Third_Allanson

First Place: Deborah Tilby, SFCA

Falcon and Friendship


Second Place: Cindy Revell, AFCA

In Other Words


Third Place: Harold Allanson, SFCA

Split Second Time Square


Fourth Place: Barbara Ursel

The Golden Hour


                   Canvas Unbound 2020

                   Jury: Martine Gourbault, SFCA, Perry Haddock, SFCA and Linda Bell, AFCA

 2020_Canvas_Unbound_First_Tai  2020_Canvas_Unbound_Second_Lawther  2020_Canvas_Unbound_Third_Maryka

First Place: Thomas Tai, AFCA

Its Too Cold

Second Place: Margaret Lawther

Forbidden Fruit

Third Place: Maureen Maryka

Beach Stories

 2020_CU_HM_Byhre  2020_CU_HM_Sephahi 2020_CU_HM_Peacock 

Honourable Mention: Dale Byhre

Winter Beach, Tofino

Honourable Mention: Alireza Sepahi

At the Beach II

Honourable Mention: Patricia Peacock, AFCA

Ice Fishing Shacks, Gimli Shoreline

                   Bloom 2020

                   Jury: Tinyan Chan, SFCA, Marney-Rose Edge, SFCA and Kimberley Cook, AFCA

 2020_Bloom_First_Robinson  2020_Bloom_Second_LaVallee  2020_Bloom_Third_Takala

First Place Award: Phil Robinson,

Jewel Weed

Second Place Award: Inoka Manor LaVallee, 

Firey Blossoms

Third Place Award: Glenys Takala,

Simple Pleasures

 2020_Bloom_HM_Nikonova 2020_Bloom_HM_Sincalire  2020_Bloom_HM_Williams 
Honourable Mention: Larisa Nikonova, Bouquet from California

Honourable Mention: Carollyne Sinclaire,

September Sunflower

Honourable Mention: Shirley Williams, Flouncy White Dress
                2020 Muse Exhibition

Jury: Jutta Kaiser, SFCA, Dan Varnals, SFCA and Jeff Wilson, AFCA

First Place Award: Will Yang, Burrard Dry Dock Pier
Second Place Award: Annette Nieukerk, Lorna II
Third Place Award: Doris Charest, AFCA, Mon Enfant
Honourable Mention: Cameron Roberts, SFCA, Merlot

Honourable Mention: Olya Wright, AFCA, Cariboo Lodge No. 4

                        2020 Abstracted Exhibition

Jury: Jutta Kaiser, SFCA, Myrtle-Ann Rempel, SFCA, Eunmi Conacher, AFCA - Elisabeth Sommerville SFCA awards juror in lieu of Eunmi Conacher, AFCA

2020_Abstraceted_First_Jensen   2020_Abstracted_Second_Jans  2020_Abstracted_Third_Yang
First Place Award: Lalia Jensen, Devotion
Second Place Award: Pauline Jans, Anatomy of a Storm
Third Place Award: Will Yang, RainCouver
2020_Abstracted_HM_Hipol   2020_Abstracted_HM_Kato  2020_Abstracted_Mosna
Honourable Mention: Karl Mata Hipol: Untitled (Family Silhouette)

Honourable Mention: Kato, AFCA: An Evening at Rebecca's

Honourable Mention: George J. Mosna: The Martyrs
              2020 Group of Seven 100th Anniversary Exhibition

Jury: Janice Robertson, SFCA, Jack Turpin, SFCA, William Liao, AFCA

G07_First_Wang  2020_Go7_Second_Peters  2020_Go7_Third_Shardlow
First Place Award: Jianhong Wang, Eye of Forest
Second Place Award: Roy Peters, Untitled Third Place Award: Tom Shardlow, AFCA, Paul Lake
 2020_Go7_HM_Blaney 2020_Go7_HM_Josenhanns   2020_Go7_HM_Thibault
Honourable Jodie Blaney: After Rain

Honourable Mention: Maria Josenhans: Burnt Trees - Waterton Lakes

Honourable Mention: Rene Thibault, AFCA: Peak on the Bow Valley
                        2020 Artists' Choice

Jury: Andrew McDermott, SFCA, Catherine Sheppard, SFCA, Enda Bardell, AFCA

 2020_Artists_Choice_Rivard_First  2020_Artists_Choice_Second_Robichaud  2020_Artists_Choice_Third_Sykes

First Place Award: Jacinthe Rivard,

Ketchup Bottle

Second Place Award: Shawn Robichaud, 

Yesterday's Tomorrow

Third Place Award: Lynn C. Sykes, AFCA,

Summer Morning Williams Park

 2020_Artists_Chouce_HM_Bakewell 2020_Artists_Choice_HM_Dow   2020_Artists_Choice_HM_Yang
Honourable Mention: Audrey Bakewell, AFCA: Out of the Silence

Honourable Mention: Greg DowNight Peach

Honourable Mention: Will Yang: CarGill North Vancouver
                                   2020 FCA Postcard Competition and Online Exhibition

Jury: Angie Au Hemphill, SFCA, Teressa Bernard, SFCA, Sheila Sarah Adams, AFCA

First Place Award: Gary Nay, Into the Bay, Again and Again
Second Place Award: Dan Telosky, AFCA, Nestled in Laura Cove
Third Place Award: Broderick Wong, Your Home My Home
Honourable Mention: Di: Returning Home

Honourable Mention: Perry Haddock, SFCA: Autumn Magic

Honourable Mention: Janice Robertson, SFCA: Arbutus Afternoon

2020 Works on Paper

Jury: Roberta Combs, SFCA, Elisabeth Somerville, SFCA, Yoko Asari, AFCA - Jutta Kaiser, SFCA - awards juror in lieu of Roberta Combs, SFCA

First Place Award: Sue Damen, The Silo
Second Place Award: Alice Bottrill, Song of Autumn
Third Place Award: Renee Lippa, Crazy Lazy
Honourable Mention: Diana Grenkow: My Little Girl, Mitzi

Honourable Mention:

Barbara Regamey McDonald: Peter's Prime Time

Honourable Mention: Geri Watson: Happy Together


2020 Active Member Exhibition

Jury: Amanda Jones, SFCA, Kathy Traeger, SFCA, Helena Maizlin, AFCA


First Place Award: Jo-Anne Revell, Midnight Sun Second Place Award: Kargar Marjan, Mothers Third Place Award: Claudia PunterCommunications


Honourable Mention: Kara Jen Barkved, A Passing Universe  Honourable Mention: Heather Boyle, BUG LYF

 Honourable Mention:

Margaret Lawther, Peach Roses #2