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2019 FCA Submission Calendar


The Federation of Canadian Artists is hosting 24 exhibitions in our gallery on Granville Island in Vancouver, BC, and 4 online exhibitions.


We have 6 open calls for submissions this year. These calls are open to all artists and you do not need an FCA membership to participate in them. The remainder of our exhibitions are member only, so we strongly recommend a membership!


For each call for submission, we create a PDF booklet outlining the rules and guidelines for the exhibition. Please read them carefully, each one is different. By submitting you agree to the terms of that exhibition. 



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2019 Submissions 

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Active Members Summary

 Jurors: Christine Camilleri AFCA, Janice Robertson SFCA, Alan Wylie SFCA. - View call booklet here


WOP blurb

Jurors: Harold Allanson SFCA, Lee Caufield AFCA, Elisabeth Sommerville SFCA - View call booklet here
retro summary
Jurors: Mairi Budreau AFCA, Ken Faulks SFCA, Leslie Gregory-Morgan SFCA - View call booklet here
Artists Choice - No reception
Jurors: Darlene Botkin AFCA, Susan Cowan SFCA, Richard McDiarmid SFCA-  View call booklet here
canvas unbound summary
Jurors: Charlie Easton SFCA, Adrienne Moore AFCA, Jutta Kaiser, SFCA  -  View call booklet here
Abstracted summary
Jurors: Enda Bardell, AFCA,  Myrtle-Anne Rempel, SFCA, Joyce Kamikura, SFCA   -  View call booklet
Bloom  summary new
Jurors: Tanya Bone SFCA, Susan Cowan SFCA, Laurie Koss SFCA    -    View call booklet
Wildlife Summary
Jurors: Roberta Combs SFCA, Louise Nicholson AFCA, Joan Larson SFCA  - View call booklet
Muse summary
Jurors: Jennifer Mitton AFCA, Catherine Sheppard SFCA, Jack Turpin SFCA - View call booklet
FCA Postcard Summary
Jurors: Clement Kwan, SFCA, Brent Lynch, SFCA, Sandy Terry SFCA   -  View call booklet
AIMAE summary
Jurors:  Marney-Rose Edge, SFCA, Martine Gourbault, SFCA, Kathy Traeger, AFCA  -  View Call booklet 
Landscapes summary
Jurors: Heidi Lambert AFCA, Dorset Norwich-Young SFCA, Deborah Tilby SFCA   -  View the call booklet
O Canada submissions
Jurors: Fran Alexander AFCA, Catherine Sheppard SFCA, TBA   -  View the call booklet
POTE summary
Jurors: Amy Dyck AFCA, Jutta Kaiser SFCA, Angie Au Hemphill SFCA  - View Call booklet 
Vancouver Salon Summary
Jurors:  Gaye Adams, SFCA, Meeta Dani SFCA, Jean Pederson, SFCA - View call booklet
 Limitless summary
 Jurors: TBA
o canada
Jurors: TBA
sfwc submission
Jurors: Karen Poirier AFCA, Dan Varnals SFCA, Perry Haddock, SFCA - View Call Booklet 
concept submissions
Jurors: Pat Peacock SFCA, Marjorie Turnbull AFCA and TBA - View Call booklet
aire submission
Jurors: Deborah Tilby SFCA, TBA - View Call booklet
shape and form submissions
Jurors: TBA  - View Call Booklet
emerging submission
Jurors: Helena Maizlin, AFCA, Tatjana Mirvok-Popovicki, SFCA, Mary-Jean Butler, SFCA - View Call booklet here
365 submission
View call booklet
spotlight submissions
View call booklet
fca medal exhibition submission
View the call booklet
 View the call booklet
Exhibitions are subject to change.


 Society #: S – 0006048         Charity #: 11891 3920 RT0001


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