Active Jury by a Signature Member

Usually jurying for Active Status is done through the Federation office. Submissions are made here on our website and then juried by 3 siganture members. But occasionally there are opportunities for artists to have their work juried by a Signature member of the Federation.

If you are fortunate enough to have your work juried in-person by a Signature member please keep in mind their function is not "gatekeeper" but to provide you with feedback you need to reach success. If they jury you to Active status before you are ready you'll end up submiting work to exhibitions with no chance of getting in.


For a successful review of your work the Signature member doing your Active jury needs the following from you:

> Minimum of 4 original works of art in a medium we currently represent (painting, drawing, hand-pulled prints)

> 10 Photos of your artwork (including images of the 4 originals you will be presenting.)

> Ideally these are digital images and you take them along for your in-person jury on a tablet. If you do not have a tablet please check with the Signature member doing the jurying to see whether you could email them the images ahead of time.


Unlike other organizations we do NOT require a C.V. nor any personal information to jury. Jury is based on the quality of your work alone.


If you are successful you will be asked to fill out an Active membership application which the Signature member will sign and then forward to the Federation office in Vancouver. Once processed you will be contacted and asked to pay your membership fee.


Please note that no payment may be taken by the Signature member for their jury service. They can collect a cheque for membership fees but only if it is made out to "Federation of Canadian Artists".