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The FCA prides itself on an ability to provide varied and professional art instruction and education. You do not need to be a member to teach at the FCA.


The following are examples of our current programming. Please be sure to quote the type of program you are interested in instructing when completing your instructor application.


Monday Evening in the Gallery

6:00-9:00 pm

To grow as a professional artist, you must develop not only the practical, hands-on skills necessary to create beautiful pieces of art, but you must also develop a know-how regarding the business side of the arts industry.  Monday Evening in the Gallery is a new series of seminars offered to artists that is geared to learning about the business side of the arts, lead by individuals who have valuable information to share. If you have a topic you feel is valuable for artists to undersand more deeply regarding the business side of the arts, send us your proposal! Depending on your class, the gallery space will allow for up to 30 students for theory seminars. 


Weekend Workshops

9:30 am - 4:30 pm

The FCA attempts to provide better access to art education across BC by hosting workshops in various locations around the lower mainland, and  but we welcome suggestions for other venues. The workshops can be two or three days, between Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Weekend workshops give instructors more time to explore in-depth teaching, where students can work on pieces or techniques over a series of days. 


Please include resumes and biographies with your applications, as well as 5 JPEGs or photographs relevant to your proposed class.


Applicants are welcome to suggest other dates, times and classes for consideration. 


Instructor Application Form

What To Include In My FCA Workshop Outline


Applications should be emailed to


Please direct any questions regarding the FCA's educational program to / 604-681-2744.