About the Artist

As an artist, I do not feel limited to a particular style or media. My impression of past, present and future revolves around many symbolic forms. My work arrives from metamorphic thoughts and is usually created out of spontaneous scribbles and lines. Within my sketches, I have many shapes and symbols to work with, some creations can develop into either a form of abstract or symbolism. Symbolism usually revolve around the life forces of birth, sex, death, war, hate, greed and love. While, earth, air and water have special meanings in my paintings.

 As a surrealist, this form of automatism opens many doors of creativity. Whether its on paper or in the mind's eye, the possibilities seem endless. The subconscious mind plays a significant role in my paintings, as does night dreams, visions, fears and desires. All of theses provoke interest in "what is" or "what could be".

Most of my work has less to do with perspective and realism, but more with imagery and colour. My focus on these two aspects is always on how certain colours will affect an image, or how it relates to other images in the painting. To complete a work that catches the eye and also promotes the mind to contemplate provides a great challenge to me and can make the work very interesting.

All of this allows me to explore the experience of my own life or the experience of others. By creating a juxtaposition of imagery I leave a web of metaphors and symbols for the viewer to interpret. some of my work can be very simple though it may be one image, but it can leave the viewer with a multitude of thoughts.

When painting a point of view, ambivalence plays a vital role in my work. I find that is entices the mind to actively participate in the creation process instead of being just an onlooker. The more spontaneous my work is, the more enjoyment I experience in this automatism and the more satisfaction I can derive from the finished product. 

Currently, my main mediums are acrylic, pastels and oil, however, my mind is opened to explore different possibilities that can enhance communication with my audience. My belief is that my work will be able to attract and promote a viewer to exercise their own interpretive minds.

Contacting the Artist

Kurt Connell