To create valuable artwork and provide lifetime repurchase guarantee.

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Artist's Statement

A lifelong passionate obsession with art, despite life’s ongoing demands, I’ve realized that:

"…only in the depth of Nature and the art reflecting some aspects of it, one may find the evasive tranquility of life and an enduring philosophy of existence…"

This fundamental mindset and belief is the cornerstone of all artistic realization. Afterwards, two main challenges remain: (1) ongoing study and practice of painting elements, including the medium, technique, style, color, subject, composition, brushwork, and most important of all, personal interpretation and inspiration. And (2) appreciation of one’s personality traits and idiosyncrasies that inhibit our patience and approach.

Passion and perseverance are the best teachers for most artists. While reading books about painting and studying the works of the Masters, I have found that tireless experimentation and courage are the best tools of learning art. My graduate studies in business and systems have facilitated my comfortable living and enjoying the intrinsic value of art outside its commercial motives. Education in business has also helped me to appreciate two major points: First, artwork purchasers need assurance about the value of their investments. Second, if the artist himself is not committed to the investment value of his art, how could he expect others feel comfortable about investing in him? These fundamental facts drive the mission statement presented above regarding the repurchase guarantee.

I have been (and will continue) participating in public exhibitions and gallery presentations. But my recent approach focuses on internet and home-studio presentation and sales to pass on the savings to the purchasers. Furthermore, this approach reduces the need for time-consuming marketing efforts by the artist that could be devoted to actual painting. Also, it facilitates the lifetime repurchase policy.

My paintings are periodically exhibited and sold in the Federation Gallery in Granville Island, Vancouver.


Lifetime Repurchase Policy:

All paintings by the artist are guaranteed by him and his estate to be repurchased according to the terms of the Lifetime Repurchase Guarantee. (Please contact artist for a copy of the terms or visit www.OmidiGallery.com.)

Contact the Artist

E-mail: Tom.Omidi@gmail.com

Home Studio: 4198 Delbrook Ave. North Vancouver, BC
V7N 4A3, Canada

Telephone: (604) 988-7478

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