Artist's Statement

My desire for an artistic impression motivated me to study painting. After graduating from Architecture, at Sarajevo University in Yugoslavia, I needed to express my feelings of life. I have done this through my painting and drawing. Painting has always been my way of recovering, and enchanting in life. I want to depict the magnificence of nature, the beauty of life, and to raise the hope we all need so much.

For my sensitivity, watercolour and drawing in ink are the media I like the most. Drawing in ink comes from my work in architecture. Watercolour helps me show a work in way I see it: strong, soaked in colours. Drawing in ink is my habit of making sketches. As an architect, I used to draw stone houses with countryside, or perspectives for future projects. My watercolours with realistic scenes are frameworks for depicting my internal life through flying seagulls, the colour of the clouds, or the shape of an old lonely tree.

My inspiration comes from nature, and my travels across Europe, Mediterranean countries, and Canada. I like the strong colours of leaves, and the fluorescent green of spring grass. In my work, I like to place a little humor and a dream. Mostly, I paint landscapes with forceful sky, and silhouettes of people resembling the souls strolling in the world.

About the Artist

The artist was born in Yugoslavia and in 1994 immigrated to Canada. He became a Canadian citizen in 1998 and presently lives and works in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Predrag studied art and painting in Radenko Mishovich School of Painting in Sarajevo, Yugoslavia. He holds a Bachelor Degree of Architecture, from the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism, Sarajevo University and has worked as an Architect and Interior Designer in France, Germany, Yugoslavia and Canada

Memberships & Organizations

Federation of Canadian Artists, Vancouver, BC
Federation of Applied Artists of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Federation of Yugoslavian Artists and Architects


Innovations - Place des Arts, Coquitlam, BC (Oct 1999, 2000)

Meeting of Impressionists at Vancouver Waterfront - Evergreen Centre of Art, Coquitlam, BC

Display of Watercolours - Gallery of the Poirier Library, Coquitlam, BC

Vermissage - fund raising event for ARCarts, Westwood Plateau Golf Clubhouse, Coquitlam, BC (May 1997, May 1998)

Exposition of Applied Artists - Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Somber and Belgrade in Yugoslavia

Contact the Artist

Predrag BulovicTelephone:  in Canada (604) 444-1217
Fax: in Canada (604) 444-1217