About the Artist

Pat Peacock was born in Gimli, Manitoba, and moved to Richmond, BC in 1967. Her interest in art began in early childhood, mostly drawing and exploring what the pencil could do. Oil paints and watercolour were introduced at about ten years of of age. After Pat and her family had moved to the Vancouver area she decided to attend Kwantlen College and study Fine Arts. It was exciting and at long last Pat was truly in her element, doing what she envisioned when she was a young child. Her thirst for knowledge continued and whenever there was a course or workshop that was of interest Pat would attend. Taking workshops and going to galleries was a perfect way to meet 'like minded' people, and this energized Pat's desire to be an artist.

I work mostly in acrylics and mixed media. I have found over the years that I am a risk taker when it comes to painting and this medium allows me to truly explore and go for it. I think the process of painting for me is more important than the end result... I love the journey (most of the time!). The journey is one of self discovery, understanding how I related to the world around me, and how I 'fit into the big picture'. I like all kinds of art, every colour, different compositions, pale delicate watercolours, and bold gutsy in your face abstracts... I like it all. I saw work by Robert Rauschenberg quite a few years ago that inspired me and I was excited by his willingness to explore and take risks with his work. I am always open to new ways of painting and learning about myself and my love of art, it is a life long process and one that I know I must do."

Pat's art has been quite influenced by her strong interest in her Icelandic heritage. Connecting some of her work with Norse Mythology and stores of emigration to North America has been the focal point for a series of work and is interconnected with her journey of self-discovery.

Pat held the role of Artistic Director, Icelandic National League of North America, Calendar Project.


Heritage Canada, Ottawa, Ontario
Iceland Counsul General of Canada
Icelandic Festival of Manitoba
Robinson Lighting Company Ltd., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Marriott Hotels, Vancouver, BC
Consul of Iceland, Vancouver, BC
Hofsos Emigration Museum, Iceland
President of Iceland
Kjarval Museum, Iceland
Senator Janis Johnson, Ottawa, Ontario

Gallery Representation

Gallery 757, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Markmakers Gallery, Gimli, Manitoba
Valhalla Studio, Gimli, Manitoba
FCA Gallery, Vancouver, BC

Contact the Artist

Patricia A. (Guttormson) Peacock, SFCA
17125 23rd Avenue
South Surrey, British Columbia, V3S 9Z2

Tel/Fax: (604) 536-7819
e-mail: patpeacock@shaw.ca