"Born This Way"

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"Born This Way" by Karen Coon

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Born This Way
Karen Coon
24" x 48"
Mixed Media
It’s nothing new. The blurred lines of gender that have the current tag line LGBTQ is a relatively recent concept. However, one need only look back at the history of fashion and myth to see that it is our own society’s interpretation that restricts the idea of normalcy to only female and male. In this diptych painting, at first glance of the clothing, the viewer might assume a man is wearing the pants and holding a sword while a woman is wearing a dress and holding symbols of traditional feminine pastimes of reading and music. Until you see the faces and recognize the body shapes. Now the definition of normalcy is blurred and hopefully will encourage more open-mindedness towards this social change. Inclusion of the peony flower with its various symbolic meanings of tolerance, romantic love, bashfulness and shame reflects the common emotions experienced by all humanity, whatever identified gender.
diptych 24"x24" each

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