"Untitled (Sole Silhouette) "

Item 50 of 107 in Painting on the Edge (POTE) 2020
"Untitled (Sole Silhouette) " by Karl Mata Hipol, Active Member

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Untitled (Sole Silhouette)
Karl Mata Hipol, Active Member
48" x 36"
Mixed media and Acrylic Skin on Denim Fabric
This series of constructed abstract paintings significantly reflect my narrative—a Filipino immigrant student artist here in Canada. I am exploring the themes of history, process, and immigration. The paintings serve as my memoir and blueprints that trace who I am, where I came, and my journey. I create multi-layered, dimensional paintings that draw viewers to reflect, inquire, visualize, see inspiration, and feel uncomfortable, to investigate and to explore. The artworks exhibit multiple layers of metaphors and symbolism that relates to me: First is the support, which is Denim Fabric. In this painting, the denim is a response to the notion of "Canadian Tuxedo," and thus, symbolizes Canada. So, this situates me here in Canada and acknowledges that through immigration, I am here creating, building up, and layering my marks in the society. The second crucial part of the paintings is the materialization of the 'acrylic skin.' I am highlighting the action of "peeling off and gluing" of the skin into a new surface—a metaphor of a body immigrating into a new place—a conceptual visualization of my journey from the Philippines to Canada.
This piece will not be included in the physical exhibition on Granville Island but meets the quality standards of the FCA and is classified as, "Recognized Artwork."

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