Call for Submission

Peace River Chapter: A World of Contrast


Specific Guidelines for this Call:

Our world is a complex and engaging place. It is full of contrast, such as colour, temperatures, wealth, climate, values, ecosystems, tranquillity and forms of government. When you think of contrast what comes to mind and how can that be expressed on canvas? P.S. There are no size restrictions for this show so let your creative juices flow. 



FCA Guidelines:


Artwork that wins an award in any FCA exhibition may not be entered into any other Federation exhibition, except when the first exhibition was a chapter exhibition and the following exhibition is a National Open Exhibition or an exhibition held at the Federation Gallery.



To enter this exhibition, you must be an Active or Signature member in good standing with the Federation of Canadian Artists in Vancouver and be in good standing with the Peace River Chapter for 2019.


You will need a username and password to log in. If you need assistance resetting this information please contact or by calling 604-681-2744.


Please watch the tutorial video here if you need assistance with your digital upload. Do not leave submitting until the last minute. We recommend submitting as early as possible, artists submitting at the last minute will not be able to receive the assistance they need. All entry fees are non refundable.


You cannot edit or add to your number of entries once you have started your submission. Submissions which have previously shown in the Federation Gallery in Vancouver are not permitted in Chapter exhibitions.


Chapter Show Submissions are subject to general Federation of Canadian Artists Submission Requirements, found in the policy manual.

Entry Cost: CAN$15.00
First item included with Entry Cost
Items 2-6: CAN$8.00 per item
Maximum Items:
Submission Dates:
Submission deadline has passed! (Oct 8 2019 11:59 pm PDT)
You cannot currently make an online submission.