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2019 Ten Squared Fundraising Exhibition and Sale - No Entry Fee


ten squared 2019

The Fundraising Exhibition: Ten Squared


Option Two

Absolutely free to submit

Artist generously donates 100% of sales to the FCA

If sold, you receive an official donation receipt for a charitable tax credit


 All artworks are:

- 10" x 10" exactly (no frame)


- *New for 2019* Artists can set variable pricing between $175 - $500


In prevous years artists were required to submit artwork at exactly $150.


To allow artists more freedom to participate,


we're allowing you to set your price so long as it falls between the $175-$500 range.


 There are two submission options for this fundraising exhibition, and you are on the submission page where the artist pays zero submission fees and donates 100% of artwork sales to the FCA. You might be more interested in the other option, wherein you pay $10 per submission and retain 50% of artwork sales. If you prefer that option, please make your submission on this other webpage: Option One


Thank you for building this fundraiser with us!


ten squared 2019 ten sqaured


For full submission guidelines please carefully read the booklet below. By submitting to this exhibition you agree to the terms in this PDF booklet. 



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Cost to Submit:
No Charge
No Charge
No Charge
Maximum Items:
Submission Dates:
Submission deadline has passed! (Nov 20 2019 11:59 pm PST)
You cannot currently make an online submission.