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As of Monday 23rd March, all of our exhibitions will be held online only until further notice.


If you submit to this exhibition and are successful, you will NOT be required to deliver your artwork to the gallery.


You will, however, retain your Signature Status point, be in the chance to win an award and be represented in the online galleries at and for potential sales.



About the 2020 Animalis Exhibition:

Animalis is the Latin word for “air” and “soul”. Previously called “Wildlife” – this exhibition has opened up to accept all artwork featuring animals, including domestic pets and farmland creatures. Blow us away with your wild and lively creatures, your tame and endearing critters, furry friends and working companions.


For the purpose of this exhibition artworks featuring plants, trees and humans are not permitted. All other animals, including fish and insects are allowed. Artists must have taken their reference photography themselves. Artists who’ve paid for licensing to use stock photography obtained from online artists or another photographer may not submit images derived from this source.


While this is not an infringement of copyright, the Federation is committed to preserving the artistic integrity of our member artists in so much that they are responsible for all of the artistic decision making that has gone into their finished artworks. In the case of stock photography, another artist, namely the photographer, has already made a lot of artistic choices on behalf of the artist, including subject, composition and so forth. 


We are a standards based organization, committed to the development of our artist members. If you cannot submit an artwork without it infringing on this requirement, this is not the exhibition for you. 



Elisabeth Sommerville, SFCA

Deborah Strong, SFCA

Sharon Bamber, AFCA



  Below is a PDF Call Booklet for this specific call. Please read it in full before submitting, by submitting you agree to these terms, and submissions made in error will not be refunded.


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