Call for Submission

Victoria: Looking In, Looking Out


This exhibition is open to active and signature members of the Victoria Chapter who are in good standing in both Victoria and Vancouver for the year of 2020.

The theme “Looking In, Looking Out” is open to individual personal interpretation.  It can be literal or abstracted and whatever subject matter inspires you as an artist.  It can be an introspective look at your personal feelings or an outward view of the world around you.

Media:  Acrylic, charcoal, graphite, ink, mixed media, oil, pastel, pen, pencil, water media and hand-pulled prints in runs of up to 200.  All artworks must be two dimensional, signed and completely dry (no tacky surface).

Excluded Media: Photography, digital photography, digital prints, digital art, posters, pyrography, giclee, mechanical reproductions and works that rely heavily on mechanical reproductions are not permitted.

Size: There is no size limitation.

Style:  All styles are permissible for this exhibition

Subject Matter: Submitting artists are welcomed to share with us their interpretation of the theme “Looking In, Looking Out”.   To explore people, places, things, experiences and feelings in representational or abstracted form.

Presentation: Framed and unframed artworks are accepted for this call.  Edges of works on cradled wood panel or canvas must be completely void of paint, or completely covered in a complimentary colour or be a continuation of the artwork.  Staples must be on the back of gallery wrapped canvases.

Works on paper must be finished to an archival standard and can either be framed or adhered to a gallery wrap canvas or cradled wood panel. 
No “teeth” (sawtooth) fixtures or French cleats are permitted.  We will not hang directly from frame or canvas on a nail.

All artworks must be ready-to-hang.  All substrates must be wired with d-rings and plastic-coated picture wire preferred, regardless of size.  Improperly wired works will incur a $20 wiring fee.



COPYRIGHT:  While using photos as reference for painting is a long-held accepted practice, using stock imagery or photos taken by professional photographers is not permissible, even with permission or paid licensing.

All artists submitting to Federation Gallery must sign an Exhibition Contract including a waiver that declares their artwork is not a copy, derivative or based on the work of others or in any way an infringement of copyright.  The FCA reserves the right to reject submitted artwork that appears to be in violation of copyright law.  According to Canadian Law the artist retains copyright of their work.  By submitting to this exhibition, you allow the Federation of Canadian Artists permission to use your image on our website, posters and in other advertising media both printed and digital.

The FCA reserves the right to refuse entries that are not accurately represented by the digital photograph submitted to the jury.

Members may not enter a piece that was a result of a workshop or class.  Only work that is new to the FCA Victoria chapter may be submitted.  Work that has previously been shown in a chapter show may not be re-submitted.


The Victoria Chapter does not have the resources to ship work at this time

INSURANCE:  The FCA does not provide insurance for artwork.  Artists are responsible for arranging their own insurance during the exhibition.

PRICING:  All artwork must be available for sale at a reasonable market price.  

SALES:  If a sale is made, artists will be informed by phone or e-mail.  Artwork must be available for sale throughout the entire period of the exhibition.  By submitting their artwork to this call, the artist agrees to allow the Federation (Fortune Gallery), to negotiate a sale on their behalf including up to 10% off the artist’s submitted sale price.  In addition, the Federation will collect a commission of 35%.  Please keep this in mind when pricing your artwork.  A suggested minimum price is $300.

SUBMITTING INFORMATION:  Images submitted to the online submission system that are blurry, poorly cropped, display a background/frame, were made in error or are the wrong orientation will be declined without refund.  When submitting online, crop your image to exclude visible edges of substrate.  The description of your piece should be one or two sentences long, aiming to enhance a viewer’s interest in the artwork. 

Artists cannot change details on their submission after the deadline for entries has passed.  Attempts to change submitted information (including prices and sizes) after the deadline, or when the artist delivers will not be honoured.  The artist is responsible for ensuring that the information provided at the time of submission is correct and spelled correctly.



Date Action Required
Monday, February 24, 2020 Submissions Open
Thursday, April 9, 2020 Submission Deadline
Tuesday, April 14, 2020 Applicants informed of their result by this date at the latest. Artist is responsible for contacting the FCA if results are not received by this date.




Entry Cost: CAN$15.00
First item included with Entry Cost
Item 2: CAN$15.00 per item
Maximum Items:
Submission Dates:
Submission deadline has passed! (Apr 9 2020 11:59 pm PDT)
You cannot currently make an online submission.