Call for Submission

Ten Squared



About The 2020 Ten Squared Exhibition:


All artists living in Canada are invited to submit artworks on a substrate that is exactly 10” x 10” and at least 1 ½” thick, in any style, featuring any subject they like.


Entries are $10 per piece and artists can submit up to ten artworks. There is no maximum price restriction on submissions this year and all sales are shared 50% / 50% between artist and the Federation.


Pieces are reviewed and gently screened for commercial viability based on the Federation’s recent sales history. If successful at screening, all ten artworks may be selected for display.


Below is a PDF Call Booklet for this specific call. Please read it in full before submitting, by submitting you agree to these terms, and submissions made in error will not be refunded. 





First time submitting online? Need a refresh? Click here to watch a tutorial video.


All submissions must be finalized by the submission deadline time.



This includes uploading all images and entering all artwork details and descriptions. Once the submission deadline has passed, you will no longer have access to your submission.

Cost to Submit:
Entry Cost: CAN$10.00
First item included with Entry Cost
Items 2-10: CAN$10.00 per item
Maximum Items:
Submission Dates:
Submission deadline has passed! (Nov 22 2020 11:59 pm PST)
You cannot currently make an online submission.