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Peace & Trust



About The 2021 Peace & Trust Exhibition:


Award Name Award
First $500 CA
Second $300 CA
Third $200 CA
3 x Honourable Mentions Awards in Title


2021 is the International Year of Peace and Trust. It “constitutes a means of mobilizing international efforts to promote peace and trust among nations, on the basis of political dialogue, mutual understanding and cooperation in order to build sustainable peace, solidarity and harmony”.


Pieces that tackle peace, trust, political dialogue, mutual understanding and/or cooperation. This could be symbolically through an abstract piece, or literally though figurative works that grapple with concepts of trust, landscapes that promote peaceful feeling.


Your pieces can also convey a lack of trust or a dissruption of peace, use the description box in your submissions to further communicate to the jurors how your pieces communicate these concepts.


This is a qualifying call for submission. Acceptance into this exhibition counts as one point towards Signature Status Applications with the Federation of Canadian Artists. Learn more about Signature Membership here.


Below is a PDF Call Booklet for this specific call. Please read it in full before submitting, by submitting you agree to these terms, and submissions made in error will not be refunded.



Sue Cowan, SFCA

Sherry L. Mitchell, SFCA

Rory, MacDonald, AFCA




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