Call for Submission

Nanaimo: Fine Art Show

The Nanaimo Chapter of the Federation of Canadian Artists is pleased to present their 2nd annual Nanaimo Fine Art Show at the Vancouver Island Conference Center, for Federation members only. 


The exhibition will display between November 3rd to 5th 2017. An opening gala and award ceremony where the cash prize awards will be presented will be held on Friday night November 3rd at 7pm. This event is by invitation only.


There will also be a separate prominent Signature Member showcase for the jurors and qualified local Chapter Members.


Paintings gaining acceptance by jurors are to be dropped off November 3rd between 8 AM - 12 noon at the venue.  


A "Meet the artist Night" will be held on Saturday November 4th from 7-9pm with a silent auction.


The exhibition will accept entries from all Federation chapters on Vancouver Island and surrounding islands. The maximum size or artwork submissions is 36" x 36" inches.


Entry Rates

 $25.00 CAN for the first entry.

 $10.00 CAN per entry, up to two entries thereafter.


Hanging Fees for accepted pieces:

 $10.00 CAN per accepted entry to be paid after pieces have been accepted into the show.


Size Restriction:

Entry sizes are restricted to 36 inches Wide without a frame. Hight can be larger than 36 inches but please remember that paintings are being displayed on easels.


Paid by credit card through a Square invoice sent to you from the Nanaimo FCA Treasurer to the email used during registration. Expect invoices mid-late September.


See web page for further details coming up.


To enter this exhibition, you must be an Active member in good standing with the Federation of Canadian Artists in Vancouver and be in good standing with one of the following FCA Chapters: Nanaimo, Arrowsmith or Victoria. Artists who are successful at jury, but have not renewed their memberships will be removed from the exhibition.


You will need a username and password to login. If you need assistance resetting this information please contact Alyssa Giddings at the Vancouver office via or by calling 604-681-2744.


Please watch the tutorial video here if you need assistance with your digital upload. Do not leave submitting until the last minute. We recommend submitting as early as possible, artists submitting at the last minute will not be able to receive the assistance they need. All entry fees are non refundable.


Remember to select a number of items from the dropdown menu on the following page before proceeding to payment. If you do not do so, you will be charged but the system will not know to create an empty slot to upload to. Please read the information provided on the submission pages carefully to avoid errors.


You cannot edit or add to your number of entries once you have started your submission.


Chapter Show Submissions are subject to general Federation of Canadian Artists Submission Requirements, found in the policy manual.


Important Dates in 2018


  • May 31st  - Submission Opens
  • August 31st  - Submission closes at midnight.

Important Dates in 2018


  • May 31st  - Submission Opens
  • August 31st  - Submission closes at midnight.

Member Type Required:
"SFCA" members of Federation of Canadian Artists, "AFCA" members of Federation of Canadian Artists, "Active" members of Federation of Canadian Artists
Entry Cost: CAN$25.00
First item included with Entry Cost
Items 2-3: CAN$10.00 per item
Maximum Items:
Submission Dates:
Submission deadline has passed! (Sep 1 2017 11:59 pm PDT)
You cannot currently make an online submission.