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2018 Concept



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About the 2018 Concept Exhibition:

Going beyond the illusion of painting, Concept focuses on the message, notions and stories conveyed through an artists’ media. If a picture can say a thousand words, challenge yourself to really say something meaningful. 


The FCA has seen a serge of artworks in our recent exhibitions conveying deep meaning. You may have a story to tell, a message of conviction, or a driving passion that speaks to the core of humanity.

 Art making cannot exist in a bubble, you paint for a reason.


Selection from 2016's Concept 



After immigrating to Canada I felt destabilized but tried to preserve my identity in the ocean of life. The chair symbolizes my identity.


Rocked By Change

Homa Eftakar


Everyday we divide our actions into what is possible and what is impossible.



Barbara Cadario


The background is an expression of a busy society. I wanted express that even in busy times, women can balance the world and stand with a commanding atmosphere...


Sister Amber

Yuki Goodman, AFCA




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