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Shape and Form

shape and form 2018


About the 2018 Shape and Form Exhibition: 


Partnering with the Sculptor's Society of British Columbia, the FCA is exhibiting two-dimensional artwork alongside SSBC sculptures. "Shape and Form" investigates the usage of space as a design element across art forms, and awakens the gallery space to work beyond the two-dimensional.  


In 1941, the Canadian Federation of Artists (FCA) was organized in Ontario. The FCA is a registered charity founded in 1941 by professional Canadian working artists including Group of Seven luminaries Lawren Harris, Arthur Lismer, and A.Y. Jackson.  Although the FCA started by incorporating sculptures into our exhibitions and multitalented artists into membership, by the 1970s the Federation was primarily made up of painters. Eventually sculptors in British Columbia formed their own society independent of the FCA or any other national society (SSC) and during 1974 the Sculptors’ Society of British Columbia was born. On Saturday, November 3rd, we are proudly reintroducing painting and sculpture in the Federation Gallery for a synthesis of Canadian art in one of the most significant collaborations in BC’s art society history. 



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shape and form 2018

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