About the Artist

My Motto 
"Less is more" - Painting my subjects close up makes me appreciate how everything fits together in nature. My attention, my interest and focus are on parts of an entire scene.

I was raised in post-war-Germany. Coming to Canada has been one of the most profound challenges of my life. I embraced by new-found land of opportunity and live today in the lower mainland of British Columbia.

Why Art
My creative and curious nature surfaced early in life. I tried out many art forms until I found my love and passion for painting. While using the venue of Visual Art, my curiosity reached out and my creativity soared. My passion for painting allowed me to examine my subjects in detail, zooming into a world not seen by others. When painting my perception changed and I discovered new things all the time

Life itself has been the biggest teacher. I took formal drawing and watercolour classes later in life. Since then I progressed by taking classes at the Shadbolt Centre of the Arts and at Emily Carr College and the Federation of Canadian Artists.

I use a broad spectrum of media: acrylics, oils and watercolour. I like to experiment with all of them. I use primary and bold colours to create vibrancy. I want my pictures to be uplifting and full of joy.

Shows, Galleries and Connections
Since 1999 I have shown my work in shows at the Shadbolt Centre of the Arts, the Ceperly House Gallery and in several one-person shows. I am a member of the Federation of Canadian Artists and the Burnaby Art Guild.

Having found "the love of my life" I want to paint until I am no longer able. Art to me is about curiosity, I paint because I am alive and curious. I want to create and experiment all the time. Painting also is a form of self expression and getting in touch with my inner spirit. It represents a level of inner growth for me. My life's journey has reached a level of learning which takes me to places of the unknown. While learning, living and painting I keep rediscovering magic, wonders and miracles. As well, I am the happiest when painting.

As a professional painter I want to reach the highest level of expertise possible during my lifetime

Contacting the Artist

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