Artist's Statement


Curiosity and the need to share what I find interesting, drives my creativity. 

Painting for me, is a combination of exploration and intuition. I work in whatever medium, I feel likes me at the moment, but enjoy oil on canvas the most. My artwork ranges from representational to abstract, all showing a well balanced synthesis of sensibility of feeling and intensity of expression. I often have the idea of the finished painting in my mind long before I start with the actual painting process. The process however becomes a journey itself through composition, color, texture and more ideas. When something has captured my interest, I never paint it as it is, but rather try to express the feeling it evokes in me. I also try to grab "the soul" or a deeper understanding of my subject. Whether I am experimenting with painting techniques or observing the world around me, I am intrigued that there is always more to discover. I usually paint in one long session, depending on the technique I use. With excitement and an immense focus I enter an almost meditative state, completely immersed in my work. As soon as a piece is finished, or my eyes are too tired to proceed, I hang the painting on a prominent wall in my house, not the studio, where I can see it during the day to discover the overall effect. I put so much energy and thought into one painting, that I rarely work in series. Many of my paintings are strongly connected to my love for nature and animals, giving me both, fascination and a sense of peace. I hope I can transmit these feelings to the viewer.