Artist's Statement

I have a long time love of painting...and am happiest in my studio immersed in the work of creative expression. Greatly influenced by our surroundings, my paintings are about experiences and a sense of place...and certainly are very much a drama of working with the immediacy of the painting medium.

Historically I draw inspiration from Matisse while having influence from contemporary mentor, artist and educator Joseph Kyle. I admire the bold, painterly manner of Abstract Expressionists Jack Bush and Hans Hoffman. While concerned with the beauty of the landscape, with a spontaneous use of colour, I seek to create for the viewer a thought-provoking and joyful image.

About the Artist

Hope Corman has been active in the Victoria art scene and exhibited her work in several solo and group shows since 1988.

There is precision in the abstract, in form, geometry and purpose. For Hope Corman, her devotion to the abstract is predominant. Her canvases are not only expressions of place, experience and time, but an exploration into the painting process as well. She has developed a solid reputation for her abstract work over the years and has shown her work at the Robson Square Civic Gallery in Vancouver, the Nanaimo Art Gallery, and the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria.

A graduate of the Victoria College of Art, Corman has been involved in programs including the Fine Arts Program at the University of Victoria, and the Metchosin Summer School of the Arts, and was honored to be selected by the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria to paint on stage during a life performance of the Victoria Symphony.

Along with several private and corporate commissions, Corman's works are collected by international visitors to Victoria. She continues to paint and teach students of all ages in her studio in Deep Cove.

Gallery Representation

  • Gallery at Mattick's Farm, Victoria B.C.
  • Gallery Oscar, Sun Valley, Idaho, USA
  • Nanaimo Art Gallery Downtown, Nanaimo B.C. 
  • The Paintings

    "Corman's brushy technique is easily identified in her landscapes.Originally from Alberta, Corman shifted her focus from expansive sky/land compositions that typify the prairies to the multi dimensional mountain/land/water scenery that characterizes the coastal region. The change in environment hasn't effected a change in Corman's intent- she still works to convey a sense of space."

    E. Nutting, Must Sees Preview, Boulevard Magazine, 1991

    "Corman's canvases are handsomely composed and designed to a formula. An angular section of grey lines takes its place along the edges of the canvas stained orange or turquoise or beige. The form is punctuated with black and white interjections. Leaf shapes of yellow or pale green hint at vegetation. Nicely poised between representation and abstraction, these paintings speak a few words in the language of Jack Bush's paintings"

    R. Amos on "The Suspension Series" On Art, Times Colonist,1998

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    Hope Corman

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