Federation Membership

2021 SFCA Badge


The Federation of Canadian Artists (FCA) has an 80 year history of helping artists develop their artistic and business skills. We were founded in 1941 by professional artists including the Group of Seven luminary, Lawren Harris, Arthur Lismer, and A.Y. Jackson. Our first national council was led by Andre Bieler, and we count Emily Carr as one of our earliest members.


The FCA continues to operate as a registered charity dedicated to raising artistic standards by stimulating participants to greater heights of knowledge and achievement.


Artists start as Supporting Members and graduate through Active status to Associate and Senior membership.


         Senior Member (SFCA)
     Associate Member (AFCA)

Active Member


 The quality of work by this 

artist is judged to be of

 consistently high level
so they can compete on the

Canadian national stage.


The  quality of work by this

artist is judged to be


Currently there are

233 AFCAs throughout Canada.


The quality of work by this

artist is judged to be


There are only

118 SFCAs throughout Canada.



Assesment of the quality of members work is through peer review, by senior artists who understand quality work because they have been practicing artists themselves, often for many decades. While Active Members are juried in by 3 Signature (AFCA & SFCA) members, applicants for AFCA or SFCA status go through a rigourus panel jury usually consisting of 20 or more SFCA members.


To view a list of our Active, AFCA & SFCA members' websites please click here.