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1809 Membership MapThe Federation represents approximately 2,800 members across Canada.

This is not an exhaustive membership list, but only contains the names of members who opted in to being listed. If you are already an Exhibiting, Associate or Signature member and want your website listed here, contact our office at to be added to this listing.


We have listed our members by the level they have achieved through our jurying process. Exhibiting members have achieved a consistently high level of quality so they can compete at a national level. After having been juried into 7 exhibitions, Exhibiting members may apply to become Associate members, and then Signature members. Applications for Associate and Signature membership are juried by a panel of 20 or more Signature members and are held to increasingly high standards of quality and consistency of work. Click here to find out more about the FCA's membership levels.


Having your website listed here is only one of the perks of having an Exhibiting, Associate or Signature  membership with the FCA.


If you're an art collector and would like more information about these artists please contact the
Fine Art Consultant at or by calling 604-681-8534.


Most of the listings contain links to websites external of that of the Federation.