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Mon - Fr 9am - 4:30pm

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1241 Cartwright Street
Vancouver, BC, V6H 4B7


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Mon - Sun 10 AM - 5 PM 


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1241 Cartwright Street
Vancouver, BC, V6H 4B7


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1243 Cartwright Street

Vancouver, BC


We're located on Granville Island across from the hotel and Performance Works




Staff  (Day-to-day operations)





Kristian Clarke


Executive Director

Kristian Clarke




As Executive Director of the Federation of Canadian Artists, I lead a team of eight staff, oversee operations, and drive growth in membership, programming and donor engagement while making sure that we are reporting to various government agencies in a timely fashion.  Accountable to the Board of Directors, I champion our organization within the arts community. I work to build strong relationships with staff, the Board, and external stakeholders. My role focuses on elevating the Federation's profile, fostering connections, and ensuring our continued success in promoting Canadian visual artists within Canada and abroad.


I bring over two decades of experience in the cultural sector having led organizations such as Canadian Artists Represention/le front des artistes canadiens (CARFAC Ontario) as well as the Dancer Transition Resource Centre (DTRC), coupled with a Master of Arts in History of Art and Architecture from the University of Leeds and a Post Graduate Certificate in Cultural Management from Humber College.






Office Manager

John Villamin




As an Office Manager for FCA, my tasks are a variety of responsibilities that are essential to the smooth operation of our office. This includes keeping our records organized, maintaining strong relationships with our suppliers and vendors, and managing our accounts receivable and accounts payable processes. Additionally, I provide support to our team members by assisting them with their administrative and office needs. It's a dynamic position that requires careful attention to detail, but I find great satisfaction in ensuring that everything runs efficiently and effectively.


Driven by passion for the arts, I've dedicated years to studying fine arts, recognizing its profound ability to inspire change and challenge social norms, all while admiring the creativity and passion of artists. Alongside this artistic journey, I've cultivated a talent for organization and system implementation, finding joy in streamlining processes in my everyday life. In my current role, I've discovered the perfect fusion of my personal interests. It's incredibly fulfilling to be surrounded by beauty while also applying my organizational skills to contribute effectively to FCA.









Ellie Chung


Gallery Manager

Ellie Chung




The Gallery Manager (GM) oversees the overall operations of Federation Gallery including over twenty five in-gallery, online, and offsite exhibitions throughout the year. Working closely with the gallery staff, two fine arts consultants and an art handler, as well as the rest of the FCA team, the GM serves the members of the FCA and the community's cultural sector by ensuring the artistic and commercial success of Federation Gallery.


Ellie Chung (she/her) is a Korean settler based on the unceded territories of the Coast Salish peoples. Ellie is a community-oriented art administrator who strives to serve cultural and community services. Prior to joining the FCA, Ellie worked at Centre A, the Association of Neighbourhood Houses BC, and the Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery. She holds a Master of Education in Art Education from the University of British Columbia.  

Working at the FCA Ellie is literally surrounded by friendly 'art nerds' and amazing artworks produced by talented artists. Can't complain!



Katrin Sarstedt


Program Manager

Katrin Sarstedt











At the FCA, I hold the position of Program Manager, where I oversee operations within the membership, education, and studio departments. With a focus on providing strategic guidance and direction, I lead a dedicated team of two staff members, ensuring alignment with our organizational objectives. Additionally, I take the lead in spearheading impactful sponsorship and fundraising endeavors, geared towards advancing our organization's mission and driving positive change.


Originally from Germany, I hold a Bachelor's degree in Art History and Cultural Studies from the University of Karlsruhe and a Master's Degree in Arts Management and Cultural Studies from  the University of Ludwigsburg. In 2019, driven by a desire to explore the breathtaking landscapes of Canada and seek new challenges, I made the decision to relocate to this vibrant country. Joining the FCA that same year marked the beginning of a fulfilling chapter, where I've been able to merge my knowledge and passions. As a national arts service organization, the FCA offers a dynamic environment, serving nearly 2,900 visual artists through the provision of exhibition opportunities and educational programs while also educating the public about visual arts. From my initial role as Education and Membership Coordinator to my current position as Program Manager, each day presents new and compelling challenges, making this an interesting workplace to be part of.





Eric Worobec


Membership and Chapter Coordinator

Eric Worobec





Our Membership Coordinator handles all of your requests as members. Handling everything from new membership sign-ups and status designation applications to online member portal troubleshooting. As the Chapter coordinator, Eric also handles the organization and synchronization between the FCA Chapters and FCA Vancouver. Our Chapter Coordinator is here to help in arranging your Chapter Exhibitions and ensure the same resources available in Vancouver are available to your Chapters across the country.


Eric is an interdisciplinary artist focusing in sound design and music, along with interests in photography and sculpture. He moved from Saskatchewan to Vancouver 8 years ago and has called B.C. home ever since. What he finds to most compelling working with the FCA is being able to discuss art with artists themselves, and listening to each artists unique perspective on work of their own and the work of their peers.







Kiana Shahnia


Art Handler and Facilities Maintenance

Kiana Shahnia






As the art handler, Kiana has a very hands-on involvement with artworks and ensures their safety from their arrival to the gallery, till they find their way on the walls, and through their journey back home. By maintaining the gallery space, keeping inventory of artworks, and curating and installing the shows, Kiana works hand in hand with the sales team to effectively showcase each piece and provide optimum viewing experience for our guests. 


Kiana Shahnia is an emerging artist and a recent graduate of the University of British Columbia with her bachelor's degree in Visual Arts and Art history. She has had an active involvement in Vancouver's thriving art scene by showcasing works in galleries such as the West Vancouver Art Museum, North Van Arts, and the James Black Gallery. Kiana finds fulfillment at the Federation Gallery as it allows her to be involved in the operation and production of exciting exhibitions that create a more accessible art culture





Fine Art Consultant

Tanha Binte Azam 




Fine Art Consultant at Federation Gallery: Specializes in facilitating art acquisitions, curating exhibitions, and fostering connections between artists and collectors. With a fervent passion for art and its history, the consultant actively contributes to the gallery's dynamic community by creating an accessible way to explore the world of fine art.



Born and raised in Bangladesh, Tanha carries her rich cultural background and extensive knowledge of both the South Asian and Western art worlds as she settles in Canada. With a lifelong passion for art, Tanha pursued her degree in Fine Arts from Simon Fraser University. She now integrates her profound knowledge and passion into her role as a sales assistant at the Federation Gallery, while also being an exhibiting artist within the organisation.











Gallery Associate

Hannah Neuman






Reporting to the Gallery Manager and collaborating with the Fine Art Consultant, the Sales Assistant serves as the initial point of contact for visitors and artists upon their arrival at our gallery. Possessing a deep understanding and passion for art, the Sales Assistant supports the sales team in fostering authentic connections and establishing rapport with collectors.







Carol Crenna


Art Avenue Editor

Carol Crenna 



Carol Crenna has been a journalist for over 30 years that includes being columnist for The Vancouver Sun for nine years, freelance writer for publications in New York, Los Angeles, San Diego, Seattle, Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver, and the editor of magazines focused on topics including fine art, health, celebrity interviews, home décor, the film industry and fashion. She has been an artist since she was 18 (as illustrator for retailers) and is now forging a new path in acrylic painting which she absolutely loves! She has been the editor of Art Avenue for seven years.

As editor of Art Avenue, Carol Crenna researches and writes the features, compiles all information sent for Member News and Chapters sections, edits columns written by members, organizes the advertising, organizes the approximately 100 photos needed for each issue including the cover, and works with the graphic designer, overseeing the magazine layout.






Min Xu


Education Program Coordinator

Min Xu




Plan, develop, implement and evaluate a diverse range of online and in-person education programs such as mentorship, workshops, critiques, including the highly anticipated annual Federation Retreat. Manage classroom rental operations to ensure efficient facilitation. Create captivating marketing collateral, such brochures, posters, and flyers. Cultivate partnerships and foster community connections in support of program delivery.

Min was born and raised in China. He left hometown in 2010 to pursue education in the USA. Two years later, he graduated with a Master Degree of Education and has been teaching in the San Francisco Bay Area. He enjoys painting in his free time. He moved to Vancouver 6 years ago and showcased his first artwork at the FCA in 2021. The FCA was where his artistic journey began. He was elected a juried Associate Member of the Pastel Society of America in 2023. He is now a Signature Member of the Pastel Artists of Canada.