"Untitled (Family Silhouette)"

Item 32 of 104 in Abstracted 2020
"Untitled (Family Silhouette)" by Karl Mata Hipol
Untitled (Family Silhouette)
Karl Mata Hipol
48" x 36"
Mixed media and Acrylic Skin on Denim Fabric
CAN$2,500.00 Unframed
The painting for this series explores the themes of immigration, history, and process. This painting serves as evidence of my heritage, my memoir, my journey, which I am and where I came from.

The usage of denim is very significant in this series, as it is responding to the notion of the "Canadian Tuxedo." And so, this situates me here in Canada. Here I am, a foreign body, abiding by the rules and regulations of this land. Simultaneously, I am building up, creating and layering my marks in this society.

Even more, I also aim to emphasize the usage of the acrylic skin in this art piece. I am highlighting the action of peeling off and gluing into a new surface--A synecdoche of a body immigrating into a new place; another reiteration of myself migrating herein Canada.
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