Call for Submission

Nanaimo Chapter: Nanaimo Fine Art Show

Submission for the 7 th Annual Nanaimo Fine Art Show is now open. Artists must be Active or Signature Members in good standing with the FCA. Submissions are now open to Nanaimo FCA members through August 31. Depending on submissions received by August 15, 2023, from Nanaimo chapter members, other Vancouver Island Active and Signature members may be invited to submit, beginning August 16 and through August 31, 2023. ALL submission closes August 31, 11:59 PM


This is an online juried show, with FCA jurors: Lynden Cowan AFCA, Dominique Walker SFCA and
Darrell Windjack SFCA

Submit up to 5 works; only one of which may exceed 40” in width, including framing treatments. Height, including framing treatments, is restricted to 72”. All submissions must be available for sale. It is expected that artists will respect the costs incurred on their behalf and the possibility that withdrawing a piece may deprive another displaying artist an opportunity to be awarded a prize. No prize will be realized on any withdrawn piece. In the event a juried work is withdrawn after it has been accepted into the show, and awards designated by the jurors, the artist will be expected to pay whichever is lesser; $100 or the amount of commission that would have been applied to an online sale.

We are showcasing our artists in a quality venue, the Vancouver Island Conference Centre, Dodds Narrows Rooms A & B and need your help to ensure our visitors completely appreciate the high caliber art our members produce.




  • Submitted work may not have been exhibited at any prior show, live or online, hosted by the Nanaimo FCA. Artwork that has won an award in any FCA exhibition may not be entered in this exhibition.

Please watch the tutorial video here if you need assistance with your digital upload. Do not leave
submitting until the last minute. We recommend submitting as early as possible, artists submitting at
the last minute will not be able to receive the assistance they need. All entry fees are non-refundable.
You cannot add to your number of entries once you have started your submission.

Member Type Required:
Members in the "Arrowsmith, Nanaimo and Victoria Chapter" group of Federation of Canadian Artists, "Active" members of Federation of Canadian Artists, "AFCA" members of Federation of Canadian Artists, "SFCA" members of Federation of Canadian Artists
Cost to Submit:
Entry Cost: CAN$20.00
First item included with Entry Cost
Items 2-5: CAN$10.00 per item
Maximum Items:
Submission Dates:
Submission deadline has passed! (Aug 31 2023 11:59 pm PDT)
You cannot currently make an online submission.