Call for Submission

Exhibiting Status - May III 2024


Applications are processed as a bi-monthly/monthly intake, based on demand and workload, not on an individual basis. You will receive notice of your result within two weeks of the closing date for this intake (see submission deadline below).


ELIGIBILITY: To be eligible to apply for Exhibiting Status, applicants need to join the Federation of Canadian Artists as Supporting Members first and are required to have a membership that is valid until December 2024.


Before you start submitting please make sure to read carefully through the Submission Guidelines outlined below.




GENERAL INFORMATION: Artists are required to submit 10 images for jury for Exhibiting Status. According to FCA polices Exhibiting Status is granted if the majority of the works submitted are suitable for FCA shows. This means that at least 6 out of the 10 submitted images need to be suitable for FCA exhibitions. Consider picking examples that form a cohesive portfolio of subject matter or medium. Not a portfolio showing one's breadth of talent.


IMPORTANT: When starting your submission process, the system will ask you to specify the number of items you are going to submit. Please make sure to choose 10 items before you click on "Continue to Payment", as you won't be able to go back to that page, after you completed your payment.


APPLICATION FEE: The application fee is non-refundable and accepted in Canadian dollars only. The Exhibiting Status application fee is $15.00. 


HOW TO ENTER: Submissions are accepted online only. We use the same online system for Exhibiting Status applications, as we do for our calls for submission for FCA exhibitions. Click here to watch a video tutorial.


ALLOWED MEDIA: Acrylic, oil, watercolour, pastel, mixed media, graphite, ink, pen and pencil. Original hand pulled prints are eligible in runs of up to 200 in an edition. All artworks must be two dimensional.


EXCLUDED MEDIA: Photography, digital artworks, giclees (whether hand modified or not), three-dimensional works (sculptures) and mechanical reproductions.



  • The image must be a true copy of the original art work in values, intensity and colour.
  • File format must be JPEG (.jpg) only. Non-JPG files will NOT be converted by the Gallery.
  • Please ensure the image you upload is cropped so that only the painting/image is visible. Use a photo or image editing program to remove unwanted parts, such as frames or borders.

  • The minimum pixel size is 1500 on the longest side (for a portrait image, the height should be this size or greater, and for Landscape, the width will have to be that size or greater in pixels) at 300 ppi. We recommend a pixel size of 2000 pixels on the largest dimension (either height or width). 


JURYING: Images are reviewed independently online by three Signature Members of the FCA. All artists will receive email notifications of their results.


SUCCESS: If you are successfully juried into Exhibiting Status you will be contacted to pay the $30 Exhibiting Upgrade Fee to the Vancouver Head Office, which makes up for the difference between the annual Supporting membership fee of $65.00 and the annual Exhibiting Membership fee of $95.00. Once this fee is processed, your Exhibiting membership upgrade will be completed and the Exhibiting Status Package will be emailed to you. Exhibiting members must annually renew their membership in order to maintain their Exhibiting status. 


DECLINE: Applications for Exhibiting Status must be prepared to accept the decisions made on their application as a result of the online jurying process.  Beginning June 2017, members who do not receive their Exhibiting Status will be invited to enrol in an Exhibiting Status Feedback Session, led online by one of the jury members from that specific Exhibiting Status Application Intake via an interactive software. Each student will be allotted 10 minutes of feedback from the instructor and will remain on a first-name basis so as to respect their privacy.  Instructors will choose all or some of the images members used to apply for Exhibiting Status to critique, offering insight on how each member can improve their application for next time. 

Unsuccessful applicants are encouraged to re-apply after six months of the initial application with a different body of work.  By starting your submission, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to these terms. 



  • While using photos as reference for painting is a long-held accepted practice, making substantive use of stock imagery or photos taken by professional photographers is not permissible, even with their permission. Reference photos must be taken by the artist themselves or provided to them by an amateur photographer with their express consent. Stock images may only be referred to for anatomical study and must be incidental to the completed artwork to be permissible.
  • The FCA seeks to display artworks that are original examples of an artist's technical skill, ability to compose images, as well as to work creatively. Because of this, artwork created in courses and workshops are not eligible for submission to juried exhibitions.
  • Artists submitting to Federation Gallery must sign a contract that declares their artwork is not a copy, derivative or based on the work of others or in any way an infringement of copyright. The FCA will reject submitted artwork that appears to be in violation of copyright law.
  • All submissions that appear to be in violation of copyright law will also be rejected.


DELIVERY: Applications for Exhibiting Status are processed solely online. Please do not ship any of your artworks to the Federation gallery or office. 


SUBMITTING INFORMATION: Submissions must be completed by 5:00pm on the closing date. After this time FCA staff will be unable to process any portfolios in time for jurying, and your portfolio will NOT be seen by the jurors. Artists cannot change details on their submission after the deadline for entries has passed. Attempts to change submitted information such as titles, sizes, mediums and/or prices after the deadline will not be honored. The artist is responsible for ensuring that the information provided at the time of submission is correct. This includes the correct orientation for and clarity of, uploaded JPEG images. Only your artwork should appear in your image submission, no frames or backgrounds. Images submitted that are blurry, poorly cropped, display a background/frame, or are the wrong orientation will be declined.


FURTHER INFORMATION: When submitting, present images which reflect the strongest examples of your current body of work. Jurors look for works which contain a working understanding of the use of line, color, composition, perspective, shape, light, proportion and positive and negative space. Jurors are also looking to see evidence of progression and a desire to progress in your artistic practice, along with evidence of exploring, establishing and developing a personal style.


CONDITIONS: Submissions automatically constitutes the entrant’s acceptance of the guidelines and rules outlined on this page.


Phone the Federation Office at 604-681-2740 for assistance.



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