2019 AIMAE: The Annual International Mail-In Art Exhibition



For professional artists, the rising cost of shipping restricts one’s participation in international exhibitions, exposure and competitions. The Federation of CanadianArtistshas made an exhibition that significantly reduces these costs. We present an entire exhibition of artwork delivered by regular mail - in envelopes. This is our international exhibition with low shipping costs and $2000 in cash prizes!


What are non-qualifying artworks in this exhibition?

Artwork that is non-qualifying must be identified in our exhibition as per FCA policy. 

Non-qualifying works were graded by the jurors as just below standards needed for artists to apply to our highest levels of membership. The FCA standards make up a significant part of our mandate, providing a marker by which all our exhibitions are held. We don't usually have exhibitions with non-qualifying works in our gallery. For this exhibition, we wanted to host as many artists as possible, so we have allowed artwork that scored just below the standards (non-qualifying work) in the gallery for the first time.