"Bulk Freighter with Heron"

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"Bulk Freighter with Heron" by Tim Bennison, AFCA

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Bulk Freighter with Heron
Tim Bennison, AFCA
13" x 17"
Watercolour on Paper
CAN$595.00 Framed
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Jurying Item #1.This watercolour began as a quick sketch, followed by some masking to preserve some highlights. So in a compositional sense, the image was planned. But it quickly became a collection of "happy accidents" because I used random splatter underpainting with only four colours and lots of water, to discover the lighting and values. Lots of random bleeding and blooms happened, e.g in the water and in the girders on the right. Conventionally, you try to avoid blooms but they work in this case. One of the best random things was how the dark value areas connected together. This was mostly random with tilting of the paper to make the darks flow around the surface. I wasn't planning this connection but I think it works better. I strengthened the dark value area connections by following the lead of the random water flow with brush work. The sky is 100 percent random splatter and bears no resemblance to the scene in reality. Finally, I made a heron out of a splatter of water. I left a lot of areas unpainted to emphasize the emergent water flow, and this makes for a stronger, yet looser painting, in my opinion.