"Pianta's Scandal"

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"Pianta's Scandal" by Alan Douglas Ray, OSA, SCA
Pianta's Scandal
Alan Douglas Ray, OSA, SCA
21" x 14"
Oil on Linen on Dibond Panel
CAN$2,380.00 Framed
Available for Sale
This oil painting inspired by viewing the wood carvings of Francesco Pianta (1634-1690) in the Scuola Grandi di San Rocco in Venice in 2015. "Scandal" was my favourite carving, one of several wooden panels Pianta created in 1657-58 to represent allegorical secular figures. The vain old man pursues pleasure and amusements, neglecting more important things in life, and setting a poor example for youth. Bad behaviour brings with it remorse -- that's the theme of Scandal. I've enhanced the drama by setting my Scandal in a world of chiaroscuro, a strong contrast of light and shadow. Doing so helped me mimic sculpture in paint by giving each form a sense of volume.