"Yesterday’s Tomorrow "

Item 131 of 179 in 2020 Artists' Choice Exhibition
"Yesterday’s Tomorrow " by Shawn Robichaud
Yesterday’s Tomorrow
Shawn Robichaud
16" x 20"
Oil on canvas
CAN$3,000.00 Framed
Available for Sale
No longer in use; the Caboose played a huge part in our locomotive history. For nearly 150 years it served as shelter for the crew, but also it played a part as a building block in creating the country we now have. Today It is but a relic, some found in museums and only few still remain. In a strange way, it is a reminder that we all play a part in this world and will one day leave a legacy. What we do today and how we treat others will be our mark for those left behind, either one to be remembered or one that will be like dust in the wind, forgotten and never spoken of again. As we grow older watching the sunset of our lives, let us continue to be good stewards to those around us. Our actions and our words will remain, let’s never take our short time here on earth for granted. Knowing we are all playing a part in yesterday’s tomorrow.