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"I was free once"

Item 107 of 107 in Painting on the Edge (POTE) 2020
"I was free once" by Natalie Yarema
I was free once
Natalie Yarema
40" x 30"
Mixed, arcylic ink and coloured pencil
I was free once is a portrait of a Alberta wild horse I observed, recently captured, at the beginning stages of being familiarized with human contact. Wild horses in Alberta,found on private land are considered technically a invasive occupant of the land. In the case of my subject, he was rescued and in the infant stages of rehabilitation, with the purpose of adopting out. I used a combination of loose, bold mediums and colours to encapsulate his wild nature. Then added stark contrast with tight details and hard mediums to depict the loss of freedom.
This piece will not be included in the physical exhibition on Granville Island but meets the quality standards of the FCA and is classified as, "Recognized Artwork."

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