"On The Edge"

Item 27 of 107 in Painting on the Edge (POTE) 2020
"On The Edge" by Jaya Datta
On The Edge
Jaya Datta
30" x 24"
Acrylic on Canvas
My painting “On The Edge” is a true depiction of how I feel presently. In another words it is the outcome of my emotions, which have risen when faced with unprecedented circumstances due to Covid-19. Since we don’t know what steps to take with this virus, we are left with uncertainty and a lack of clarity. Like most people, I am also deeply affected by it. I feel isolated, alone and drowning in the vortex of persisting concerns. But I am trying my best not to feel fearful or anxious and want everyone living on the edge to hold on to hope and sustain themselves till the situation gets resolved.
This piece will not be included in the physical exhibition on Granville Island but meets the quality standards of the FCA and is classified as, "Recognized Artwork."

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