""Alley Fascinator""

Item 98 of 107 in Painting on the Edge (POTE) 2020
""Alley Fascinator"" by Glenys Takala, SFCA

General Information

"Alley Fascinator"
Glenys Takala, SFCA
18" x 24"
Mixed Media on Canvas
I enjoy the narrative of back alleys and their structures. So often they belie the polish of their storefronts. Alleyways hold within them their own entity, or sense of community if you will. This particular alley had been calling to me for quite some time. Although these alley entrances had recently received a contemporary renovation, it is grittiness, less prettiness, I prefer. I appreciate the truth and character contained within structures of age.

For this work my intent was to; combine the interest of shapes within the vantage point, deconstruct the polish of the renovation, and present it in an overall semi-abstracted approach. I largely relied upon palette knife application to assist me in keeping loose throughout the process. The palette knife is a relatively new method of application for me. It excites me with its possibilities!

"Alley Fascinator" is a celebration of character and heritage in structure. They are survivors of time, the elements and often neglect. The structures that endure hold narrative to which only years of existence can provide. The stories are there...should we offer a moment to reflect upon their presence.

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